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Earthquake engineering - study plan for visa application

S_ammady 1 / -  
May 2, 2021   #1
Hello Mr./Ms. @Holt;

This is my study plan and I would be so grateful if you kindly give me some points about it.

visa application letter

Dear Officer;
My name is ... . I have a master's degree in earthquake engineering from the ... with a GPA ... . Since my graduation, I have been a research member in various topics as a vibration control expert. I have worked with my master supervisor, as a research assistant and also joined another research team supervised by Dr. ... in vibration control and structural health monitoring fields. Working with these two supervisors expanded my theoretical and experimental knowledge in various structures and helped me to be an author in more than ten journal and conference papers. Also, based on my academic background and my enthusiasm about teaching, I was accepted as a university lecturer at t... for ... semesters where I taught different courses for engineering students.

During these years, I have been diligent and pushed myself hard to achieve a permanent university position and also improve my knowledge. However, I understood that having a master's degree and knowledge in structures is not enough to be a university professor in Iran and I have to level up my academic degree and expand my knowledge beyond the routine structural fields in my country.

Therefore, based on my background history and experiences and also my passionate in being a university teacher, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. in a field in which my country is suffering from the lack of knowledge. In this way, I will progress my understanding in vibration engineering and open much better carrier opportunities for myself in my motherland after graduation. Besides, it helps me to propose new detailed courses and share the knowledge as I reach a university professor position in Iran and help my home country's development. To achieving this goal, I was sure that I must seek my future academic life in a country with the highest educational rank like Canada that includes well-known international universities and high research budgets. Hopefully, Canadian degrees are also highly credible in my motherland and universities in Iran consider their professorship vacancies to those with both qualified Ph.D. degrees and practical and theoretical experiences, exclusively if the knowledge would be novel and gained from an international university. Thus, by studying in Canada I surely increase my chance to fulfill my educational goal to be a professor in university as I return to my country.

Additionally, I have realized that the best program is the one that matches with my research and academic experices and also covers the lack of knowledge in my home country. Eventually, I reached a program in timber structures at the University of ... because, at the first place it focuses on the vibration test and control of wooden structures which aligns with my expertise in vibration engineering. Secondly, it helps me to be an expert in the field of tall timber structures and gain highly valuable knowledge in both experimental and numerical aspects of these structures which has poorly developed in Iran and, finally, because this field is not well-known in my country, it offers me extensive room for improvement as a woman and opens a clearer carrier path for my future as I come back to my home country.

In this program, my Ph.D. thesis will be "..." which is a great match to my background history. Working in such thesis and researches needs a combination of experimental and numerical analysis work and requires a deep knowledge in earthquake engineering that I already have.

I would like to come back to Iran as soon as I finish my Ph.D., firstly because I have an academic plan for being a university teacher in Iran and expanding knowledge in the field of wooden-based structures. Since there is not such a field in Iran and also because of lack of knowledge and experts, my chance to meet the eligibility of a permanent academic position and use what I will have learned in ... is significantly higher in my country than anywhere else. Besides, I have received a job offer to teach at the university after graduation which helps me more in this matter. In addition to this professional goal, it is simply because I have no family or friends in Canada and it is so hard to stay there for a long time. Also, there is a strong emotional bond between me and my family members especially my mother and three sisters, we are really intimate with each other and I do not like to live separated from them. Besides, I grew up, studied, and worked in Iran and I have created a strong circle of irreplaceable close friends and colleagues during all these years for myself. Also, as a married woman, I have tried so much to own properties for my family in my hometown. We are totally well-established here with owning two apartments, a car, and two other properties that my husband has owned. Such progress of our family took years for us and it is not easy to rebuild it somewhere else and we also have no interest to do so.

Thank you so much
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,630 3476  
May 2, 2021   #2
Your essay is good but falls a bit short of the actual information consideration for a Canadian student visa essay. This type of written interview is often difficult to balance. Let's see if I can help you do that.

You have not convincingly explained why you chose to study in Canada. Your significant educational background and work experience as a lecturer take up too much of the discussion.The reasons for your studies fail to represent a convincing and compelling decision to enroll in a Canadian university. What seismological ' achievements does Canada have that influenced your decision ? How does the university and masters course choice represent a significant ' aspect of studies for you ? Using the word " hopefully " in the presentation indicates a guess on your part.This represents uncertainty and unfamiliarity with the significance of all things Canada in relation to your significant study aspects.

Redirect the focus of your essay to represent the strong academic, social,and factors that led to your ullimate decision. Balance these points with your academic, personal, and professional background. The overall presentation should blend to create a strong " Why Canada ? " explanation. Ultimately, it is the first and second part of this presentation that requires heavy revision and editing.

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