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'everyone's chance to be accepted' - equal numbers of male and female students?

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Jul 16, 2014   #1
Task: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?


In the modern universities the are female dominated as well as male dominated subjects however it is very rarely when the University restricts the admission according to the gender. Furthermore the difference between the female and male concentration in Universities is not as high as that in the Professional oriented colleges where there are strictly male oriented subjects such as auto mechanics and similar.

In my opinion Universities should not restrict the students from taking the subjects based on the fact that they don't fit inn to the class because of the gender or because there are already to many males/females enrolled. There are examples when schools limit the subjects to be taken by males only and as the result -female students who were willing to obtain the appropriate skills needed for the job will lack them simply because they had no chance to get educated in the area of their interest and need. On the other hand there are some cases when female are taking the subject and can not accomplish the course simply because they don't have the required strengths. Even though these are minor occasions they tend to take place continuously. So the solution is students should predict the outcomes and educational institutions should warn them about it while accepting.

Talking about the social atmosphere inside the universities sometimes there are too many females on particular subjects as accounting, linguistics, and vice versa there tend to be many males in the computer related classes. However this fact is inevitable and universities should not distribute the genders artificially.

In conclusion as we have already implied the Universities should not make any efforts in order to accept an equal number of female and male students. The acceptance should flow naturally giving every individual the chance to be accepted

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