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Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education - admissions essay

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Mar 26, 2015   #1
Essay Prompt
The 21st Century offers diverse opportunities and challenges for an SLP within a global society. Choose one or two areas of interest from the following list and discuss how the field of Speech Language Pathology can be incorporated within your chosen area of interest; what you believe you can contribute, and what you need to learn as a graduate student to prepare for the evolution of the field. Areas of Interest:

Expanding the Scope of Practice in Education

I get up every morning and arrive at work around 6:00 a.m. just to begin my day, Monday through Friday. But today is a little different than every other day of the week. Tuesday's are "special" days for Rakeem. I think I am more excited than he is on these days. Today is speech therapy day at the child care center where I work. Today is another day that Rakeem will receive help with his speech issues. [..]

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Mar 29, 2015   #2
Hello! my suggestions and revisions are below:)

Monday through Friday I get up every morning and arrive at to work around 6:00 a.m. just to begin my day. Monday through Friday. But today ( this Tuesday) is a little different than every other day of the week. Tuesday's are "special" days for Rakeem. I think I am more excited than he ( Rakeem) is on these days. Today ( Tuesday) is speech therapy day at the child care center where I work. Today is another day that Rakeem will receive help with his speech issues.

Rakeem is a 3 years old that I have seen struggle in his (the) classroom because (due to his) inability to articulate and find the right words to express himself to his teacher. Each day I would see the confusion on his teacher's face and the frustration on Rakeem's (face) as he gets angrier and angrier due to (from the) the communication barrier they seem to have every day. Although the teacher works very well with (in) preparing the students educationally, she also sees that there's (is) an issue with Rakeem and her inability to teach him at the same level or pace as the other students.( end sentence here)withoutThis results in Rakeemhim getting frustrated and acting out in her class. Rakeem heads ( is then sent) to my office once again , and it break(s) my heart to see the frustration on his face. I begin to feel defeated before he steps foot in my office(,) <no comma needed) because the only help that can provide for him at the moment is a calming voice, and the reassurance that everything will be okay.

How can I help this child? On a daily basis he ( Rakeem) is unable to communicate, due to the (a) stuttering problem and . He is also unable to recall words in his classroom that the class just went over 30 minutes ago( <Confusing wording/revise) . I could only imagine his dilemma on a day to day basis. How discouraging the learning process must seem to him. It was written all over his face, a look of defeat. I knew I had to do something to help this child and maybe others that could be suffering from the same issue, but ( who also) displaying their frustration in a different way. I get on my computer and began researching some possible solution.

Being a social worker also , I have worked with children that have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. So I typeOne day I searched for "preschool age children with learning disabilities". Common Communication Disorder is one of the areas that popped up on my screen. I look further and read different articles about, Speech Language Pathology, what is was about and how are they trained to assist children like Rakeem. At that moment, even though it was the first step, I felt empowered. I felt that I was heading (headed) in the right direction. ( I revised this paragraph,the whole paragraph on the searching agent was confusing because you use different tenses)

But most of all I was intrigued by what I had read, and the struggles So many children like Rakeem are faced with on a daily basis in our schools. All of the learning disorders that preschool and school-age children are plagued with on a daily basis and the shortage of Speech therapist in the school systems to assist these children. I realized at that moment this was the path I wanted to take, and how I could help children like Rakeem within our schools. Once I located a Speech Therapist that could come in to the child care center once a week, who (that) also accepted Florida Medicaid,( I felt...) because Our child care center serve(s) 90% of lower income and families that were considered below poverty levels. Finally Rakeem had started (started) receiving the help that he needed, the help that would give him an opportunity to be successful.

I learned that unfortunately there's a shortage of Speech Language Pathologist in the public school system, and expanding the scope of practice in education is detrimental to the success of our children. My desire to become a Speech Therapist runs deep on a personal level. Because of children like Rakeem, it pushed me to want to know more about the Cognitive Learning Development and Language Disorders. Children like Rakeem who have been identified with emotional and behavior disorders are faced with challenges that will affect their academic and communication skills. These kids suffer from an array of emotional, behavioral and social disabilities. They lack poor communication and language skills, which result in poor academic achievement. I am willing to go that extra step, that extra yard, and that extra mile to gain the knowledge that is essential to becoming a great Speech Therapist.

As a licensed speech therapist, I would like to expand upon the academic success of written and oral communication across the curriculum. Gaining knowledge, researching better avenues, and conversing with other speech therapist and educators to get a deeper understanding of the dilemma our young children with learning disabilities are faced with today(< Run on) (please make this two sentences ). This will give me a better insight on my role as a speech language pathologist and ways I can be a vital asset.

As a graduate student, ( I will learn) learning how to build a stronger foundation and learning the normal processes which ( that) are related to communication disorders. My goals is(are) to strive to become a critical part of the ASHA Organization, and work within the school system where the need for speech therapist is great. much needed once This will be once I have obtained my Master's in Speech Language Pathology. I am excited to begin the first step in my educational career. My decision to apply to Florida State University Bridge Program is just the beginning of my journey to become a Speech Therapist. For this reason, and along with my determination to help those in need of these services, it would be a great privilege to be accepted into this program.

Hi! Great essay! I have made some edits to help you out! Good luck on your path!

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