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My father's precarious job; Schulich/ How you contribute to MBA class of Schulich

dibya 4 / 11 2  
Dec 26, 2012   #1
The Schulich School of Business is Canada's Global Business School™. Each applicant has a set of unique experiences and perspectives which contribute to the program. How will your background enhance and broaden your learning and that of your classmates in Schulich's diverse environment?

Please help proofread my answer:

Born in a lower middle class Indian family, I had to face trying times during my childhood and adolescence. My family had a lot of financial constraints because of my father's precarious job. During High school I used to take private tuitions in order to support my study expenses. It didn't take much time for me to understand the value of money and the essence of struggle in life. To get rid of my anguish I nurtured my thoughts by reading books by Vivekananda, Gandhi and even books on politics, history and religion. A blend of my previous experience and thoughts emancipating after reading the books, helped me develop a new perspective about this world. I started believing that my education is worth it only if I can help make my surroundings a better place to live in. I joined politics during my Engineering days with the sole aim of creating a platform wherein I can bring widespread changes for the welfare of the society. During my stint in politics I acquired indispensable leadership and motivational skills. As my team campaigned along the length and breadth of my state I developed my interpersonal skills and came in contact with people belonging to diverse culture. The lessons from such experiences will pay off for my Schulich classmates.

In 2008 I joined TCS and started a new professional journey. It became the anvil on which my leadership traits were perfected. As a Team lead I learned how to be authoritative and democratic when situation demands. Mentoring the team helped me understand team dynamics from a closer angle. Overcoming the ethical dilemma that I had faced during the yearly team appraisal vindicated my strong ethical values. The acquired abilities will help me to create a synergy among my classmates in Schulich and be productive by emphasizing on collaborative work.

Having worked for diverse clients in an intense competitive scenario I have assessed that a company has to be nimble, opportunistic and innovative to maintain the edge in Business. Working in a team I realized that to survive and grow, companies need to institutionalize the knowledge management process. When people from different fields meet in Schulich the churning of ideas will surely foster "thought leadership".

Apart from my professional life I have been involved with CRY (Child rights and You) spreading awareness about Child Rights among citizens. To garner more support for the cause I have been giving presentations in various colleges thus enhancing my presentation and creative skills.

I will bring a multi-cultural mindset to Schulich which is very essential in the present Business world where operations are expanding beyond boundaries. A sustainable business ideology with "Corporate Social Responsibility" is what I will bring to Schulich. My deeply embedded ethical values and leadership qualities will be of great advantage to my MBA class. Through the unique experience that I have gained over the years I would leave a distinct impression on Schulich's community.
sunny_joy 4 / 16 7  
Dec 27, 2012   #2
This sounds really great! Honestly, I felt that it was well organized, cohesive, but most importantly, I felt that you truly are passionate about what you're saying! Great prose as well!
OP dibya 4 / 11 2  
Dec 28, 2012   #3
Thanks Sunny for your remarks...it has boosted my confidence.

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