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I have great public relation skills; Personal Stmtl- U manchester (Masters- Law)

ifeslims 1 / 1  
Apr 16, 2013   #1
Globally, the prestigious legal system and profession is no doubt essential to the sustenance of the social contract and the human race in general. Certain irregularities mar the legal system in my native country (Nigeria), where the law mostly favors the rich and powerful, thus sharpening the 'sword' of corruption and the injustice. The lawmakers seem to have lost their sense of ethical values. Change however is crucial to avert further decay. Besides the will, there is the need for expertise and qualification to effect these changes and that is why I have chosen this path.

I have recently graduated from one of Nigeria's most prestigious universities with a second class upper division in philosophy. With philosophy as a foundation, I have been equipped with the tools of critical reasoning as well as the zeal to provide solutions to the several ills of our society. Courses like; Professional Ethics, Medical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Contemporary Issues in Ethics, Logic and Scientific Methods, Philosophy of Mind, Classical Ethics and Topics in Applied Ethics to mention a few have no doubt set me on the right path to be the 'change agent'. I intend to either protect the interest of the common man from the grassroots as a public legal practitioner or from the top as a law maker.

The educational standard in the United Kingdom is no doubt remarkable compared to other parts of the world. The prestige, quality of education, historical excellence, interesting course modules (which include: human rights law, Law governance and development, Contemporary problems in public international law, to mention a few) of the school of Law at the University of Manchester has guided my choice to apply.

I am a native of Ijebu-North local government of Ogun state in Nigeria, i am third of five children, I have worked per time with 705 Nigeria Limited (2010), The institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria (2012) and presently with The Nigerian Shipper's Council.

My major philosophies of life as a humanitarian include; the 'golden principle' (do unto others what you wish be done unto you) and the principle of mutual benefits. If I am given the opportunity, I intend to give back to the University of Manchester in the best way I can. I have great public relation skills, and I am willing to apply them in my interactions among the 'wealth' of diverse ethnicity in the University of Manchester. I enjoy exchanging cultural ideas, learning more about the cultures of the world. I have no doubt that the knowledge and skills acquired at the University of Manchester if put to proper use will bring change and development to my life and my country Nigeria as a whole.

Extra-Curricular Activities
I enjoy playing Table-tennis, Badminton, Lawn tennis and Basketball. My hobbies are dancing and meeting new people. Manchester united is my favourite football team.
With such a lovely campus, curriculum and atmosphere, I indeed have no doubt that the University of Manchester is where I need to be.

shaddy 17 / 47 7  
Apr 16, 2013   #2
mar the legal system

mark the legal system

do unto others what you wish be done unto you

great words !!!
OP ifeslims 1 / 1  
Apr 16, 2013   #3
shaddy thanx, i meant 'Mar' as in destroy or affect
avarmaavarma - / 2  
Apr 16, 2013   #4
This is the crappiest essay I have read in a long time. This belongs to someone with an extremely weak grounding in the English language. You badly need a professional essay editing service. Try essayedge or essaytopia ( I have used the latter and it made a difference)

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