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PhD Statement of purpose for chemical engineering

sh1656 1 / -  
Mar 6, 2009   #1
I am so happy to join the forum. My statement of purpose is attached below. please kindly let me know all types of comments. I could not find the rules for posting names, so I took some of them out. Thank you!

Throughout my life, I have learned that the ultimate happiness is obtained not ‎only by hard work and intelligence, but also by unlimited bravery in pursuing my own ‎dreams. It is my overwhelming desire for learning, invention, and teaching that lead ‎me to continue my education towards a Ph.D. degree.‎

I was born in an educated Persian family with strong social values of hard work. ‎During my childhood my parents always counseled me to study hard and keep my ‎mind disengaged from the existing difficulties. In my opinion, having a solid ‎knowledge of fundamentals was critical to elaborate profound ideas. As a result, I ‎tried hard to build a strong foundation in mathematics and physics during high school ‎years. During my middle and high school, National Organization for Development of ‎Exceptional Talents (NODET) also known as SAMPAD in my country, I honored ‎several times because of high ranking in scientific competitions. The most important ‎of them is National Olympiad of Chemistry in 1999.‎

The enormous numbers of challenges thrown out by rapid development in ‎science and technology have made me choose engineering as a field of study. My ‎formal advanced education started with my undergraduate program in chemical ‎engineering at the College of Chemical Engineering of University of XXX. In my ‎undergraduate years, I have acquired a strong background in the fundamentals of ‎basic chemical engineering subjects like thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, ‎fluid mechanics, chemical reactions, and process design and economics. My BSc ‎project entitled "XXX" is an industrial project under the ‎direction of professor XXX. During my four successive years of studies, ‎I was ranked first and selected as a "Brilliant Talent Student" in the Chemical ‎Engineering Department. Regarding this achievement, I was honored by Dr. XXX who was the dean of University of XXX at that time. I graduated with a GPA ‎of XXX from 20.0. As is often said, the journey of exploring the realm of knowledge ‎and probing into the unknown is infinite and strenuous. However, to me, the desire to ‎fulfill ambitions and the joy from discoveries prevailed over any sense of hardship. ‎My undergraduate program was as rewarding as it was joyful. ‎

During three months summer internship in XXX Company, I acquainted with the urea and melamine manufacturing processes. As an ‎Industrial Intern, I provided energy and material balance for the melamine plant and ‎evaluated urea consumption and also design shell and tube heat exchangers in the ‎plant and compared results with available data sheets.‎

Subsequent to my undergraduate program, I undertook a Master's program at ‎Department of Chemical Engineering, University of XXX and with it I delved ‎deeper into the fascinating world of chemical engineering and performed some ‎research. Considering the fact that Iran is a country rich in oil and gas reservoirs and ‎the importance of thermodynamics in process modeling, I chose to concentrate on the ‎impact of equations of state on Iranian oil reservoirs. My Msc thesis title was ‎‎"XXX" under ‎supervision of Professor XXX. The main purpose of this dissertation was developing ‎a new hard-sphere cubic equation of state to calculate properties of pure hydrocarbons ‎and their mixtures and vapor-liquid phase equilibrium calculations more accurate than ‎other commonly used two parameter cubic equations of state such as SRK and PR. I ‎am most proud of the fact that my presented equation of state is more accurate than ‎ones used in similar studies to predict the density of saturated liquids. The paper ‎elicited from the results of this research published in journal of XXX. Furthermore, two other papers from this research were presented in 11th XXX of Chemical Engineering (XX) congress in ‎Malaysia and 11th XXX Chemical Engineering congress. I graduated with a GPA of XXX from 20.0.‎

Inspiration and enthusiasm well up in me when I am at work; I have gained ‎professional experience by working about two years as a process engineer at XXX Company in Iran. During this period I become completely familiar with ‎gas industry from production to distribution by participating in industrial training ‎classes and providing technical proposals for different processes such as amine gas ‎sweetening, TEG gas dehydration, sulphur recovery, and ethane recovery. In addition, ‎here I have learned how to work under time constraints, how to visualize abstract ‎concepts, and apply concepts to industrial projects in real time. Having real work ‎experiences, now I have a balanced view of my interests, potential contributions and ‎priorities, which enables me to make a decision between pursuing a career in the ‎industry or one in academia. I find the academic environment more appealing because ‎of the high level of intellectual challenge and creativity associated with it as well as ‎the opportunity it provides to follow my research interests in the field of chemical ‎engineering.‎

I plan to continue my education to Ph.D. level in an internationally reputable ‎and high-ranking research university. In order to find the appropriate graduate ‎program which can fulfill my educational goals and best match my research interests, ‎I have perused different sources, and I have found the Ph.D. program at University of ‎XXX and Dr. XXX's research group well suited to my interests. I have full ‎confidence that my diligence, dedication, and genuine interest in learning coupled ‎with the exceptional guidance I can receive in University of XXX will allow me to ‎contribute to my fields of interest. I would greatly enjoy and appreciate the ‎opportunity to do so at your institution. ‎

Department of Chemical Engineering
University of XXX

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,324 129  
Mar 7, 2009   #2
Right here, I think you should use a period instead of a semi-colon:

Inspiration and enthusiasm well up in me when I am at work. I have gained...

I think you should add one or two sentences to the first paragraph to tell more specifically what you intend to do. For example:

It is my overwhelming desire for learning, invention, and teaching that lead ‎me to continue my education towards a Ph.D. degree.‎ Specifically, I hope to contribute [talk about specific aspirations for both the program for which you are applying AND your future career.

These specifics at the start will add great substance to the essay.

I also think you should add specifics about how you will contribute to and be benefited by the program for which you are applying. At the end, when you write ...and I have found the Ph.D. program at University of ‎XXX and Dr. XXX's research group well suited to my interests. , follow up on that by adding a sentence that tells why you chose this program rather than a different one, why you want to work with Dr. XXX, and, you know, specifically why you choose this school over other schools. That will show that you have a well-conceived plan, and that you are serious. Then, continue: I have full ‎confidence that my...

Most importantly, I want to tell you that this essay is BRILLIANT, and that I am sure that it will make a good impression. It is pleasant to read, even though I do not know you had have no interest in your field. You write very, very well, and I am impressed. That you for contributing this excellent essay for the benefit of others who may visit this forum for ideas about how to write an excellent essay.

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