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Quality Graduate courses - Statement of Purpose for Industrial Engineering

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Nov 7, 2011   #1

sop for MS in Industrial engineering in USA

i have tried to write a SOP... i would like to get help from others here...
this is intended for MS in Industrial engineering in USA

My interest for Industrial Engineering began in my early years of undergraduate studies when I learnt about production and assembly lines that manufactured products with perfection and precision. The ever growing Industrial boom and the demand for products with zero defects makes Industrial Engineering an apt choice to master.

My undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering has equipped me with a diverse range of concepts necessary for Industrial Engineering. Subjects such as Manufacturing Technology, Automobile Engineering, Principles of Management, Total Quality Management, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Process Planning and Cost Estimation have driven me towards Industrial Engineering. Also, I have been interested in solving math and enjoyed the subjects that involved arithmetic application. My constant grades in high school and undergraduate studies show my involvement towards academics.

As a part of my undergraduate studies, I did a project titled _____________ which was mainly focused on addressing painful problems in the job of Garbage removal. It was aimed towards resolving huge amount of left out garbage in the streets of my city. I had designed a vehicle which would collect garbage from a single location and then dispose the collected trash into the disposal site, by using a simple mechanism called '_______', which itself is a novel one.

I obtained the idea for this project from a workshop which I attended on 'Automotive and Engine Design' conducted by Metawing, a technology driven company specialized in conducting workshops.

The project was selected to be presented at the India Innovation Initiative (I3) Fair conducted by Department of Science and Technology in association with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) due to its innovative concept.

I have successfully completed an In-Plant Training at ______. _________ is India's leading manufacturer of commercial and military vehicles. I was able to get an insight on working of manufacturing Industry during my training and understood the importance of continuous learning and defect less products there.

I also had an opportunity to visit _________ which caters maintenance works to Indian Railways. I learnt about the process of maintenance and the hardships involved behind it. I also had an opportunity to visit ______________ an industry specializing in Mechanical Transmission Systems where I learnt about the production line and importance of environmental maintenance.

I have spent time in building my Engineering Design skills by learning Solidworks and Ansys to deal with the real life Engineering Problems. Besides, I am an enthusiastic person interested in learning stuffs other than academics. This interest has helped me in winning many Quiz competitions conducted at my college. I am also a good Organizer and organized various inter-collegiate events held at my college.

The Mechanical Engineering Department at _______ School of Engineering is one of the best research institutions in the world and University of _______ is one of the most respected Universities in the world. Operations Research and Industrial Engineering (ORie) branch of Mechanical Engineering Department has abundant opportunities for research with facilities such as High Performance Computing Center.

The most valuable part of the department is the _______________, the largest professional society of the department. I am particularly interested in the Manufacturing and Transportation Research Logistics conducted in the department and would like to make good contributions to the department.

Quality Graduate courses taught by top-notch professors will equip me to achieve my ultimate goal of establishing myself at the forefront of R&D in continuous development of an Industry. I am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your department.

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