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'research career in Biochemistry' - STATEMENT OF INTENT IN BIOCHEMISTRY

Mughal 1 / -  
Jun 11, 2012   #1
At the dawn of 21st century, we stand braced between a collapsing past and an uncertain future. The world is agonizing the truth the "CAPITAL" (i.e. Natural Resources) furnished by the nature is diminishing very rapidly. With diminishing resources, we need to conquer the new frontiers of knowledge to ensure sustenance of life on earth. The field of study "Biochemistry" provides an excellent platform to do research on the chemical basis of life which ultimately helps to produce different types of capital for living organisms. I foresee my graduate research work in the field of Biochemistry as I feel that it is the right path to a mass knowledge and provide an opportunity to contribute human welfare. As the well-known saying:

"One person life influences the lives of an unbelievable number of people"
I have passed my Undergraduate in Zoology with specialization in Parasitology. I did research on Liver Flukes. During this research project I surprised when I found that the chemicals that is being released by the Flukes causes severe Pathology into its host. All Living organisms have the Chemical basis of life and the only possible way to explore the different physiological aspects of living organisms it is necessary to study the Biochemistry. Biochemistry makes the backbone of various other Biological branches such as Genetics, Physiology and Molecular Biology.

During my Bachelors I study Biochemistry and found very unraveling facts about the living organisms. At that time I decided to achieve a scientific career in Biochemistry as it embraces all the fields of biological sciences.

After attaining the basic theoretical knowledge of Biochemistry I have a firm believe that it will definitely help me in obtaining solid Practical skills to become a researcher in the field of Biochemistry. Moreover, the exciting Interdisciplinary scenario of research areas that Department of Biochemistry offers to Graduate students is really meritorious and will open a sea of opportunities for young aspiring Scientist.

I had a numerous opportunities to do after Bachelors but still I feel a vacuum in my life. It is my childhood dream and long-term goal to do research on challenging topics. I will achieve greater satisfaction by pursuing a Masters Degree leading to PhD. For me learning is a sense of accomplishment and a world of satisfaction. The more I learn the more I fulfill my dream. I do not learn solely to apply my knowledge in a practical setting instead it is the quest for knowledge and the challenge of learning that motivates me. Over the past two years, I have accumulated a good knowledge of drug discovery, Chemo-informatics and Bio-informatics. I also was experienced in an annotation of research articles and patents of cellular targets like Ion channels.

A research career in Biochemistry is my thirst. In my opinion there is no scientific study that is more vital to men then to study the different chemical processes that occurs in his body. Many Biochemists have learnt plenty about the various aspects of chemical basis of life of living organisms but still they admitted that there are many aspects are remaining. I have a clearly envisaged my path in Biochemistry and highly convinced that stakes in this new and fast growing field is extensive. I would like to make my contribution to reveal the mysteries in Biochemistry.

I would like to head my journey towards attaining a Masters degree with focus on Disease research that the Department of Biochemistry offers to its Graduate students. I was captivated by the gamut of research opportunities available and the exceptional educational system in University of Alberta.

By visiting the Department Website I was captivated by the active research going on in a vast majority of research areas.A Masters leading to PhD. In Biochemistry from your esteemed University will definitely provide me with intellectual depth, which I feel essential to take up a career research based career in Biochemistry. I will also have the opportunity to learn from the best researcher of the world.

I hope to meet your expectations of a promising Graduate student. I look forward to see my dreams come true becoming an alumnus of your University.


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