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SoP - Masters of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Feb 23, 2016   #1
Hi all,

It would be much appreciated if you could help review my SoP for the application of Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. I am still unsure about the Introduction and I am yet to write a conclusion explaining what courses I am eager to do in the program and with which faculties etc. Any suggestions are welcome and it would be great if you can direct me to a good conclusion if you don't mind.

Thank you all!

Innovation for the sake of innovation is just not enough. Real innovation occurs when an everyday problem is solved or when it is plainly of some value to people. In Bangladesh, we have an ample supply of problems; problems like overpopulation, poverty, poor infrastructure and the imminent threat of being the first hit of climate change. In the advent of this digital age, some of these complex and multidimensional problems can be solved through simple but effective technology. An entrepreneur by definition may be a risk taker, but understanding the viability and efficiency of these innovations is something to consider before diving into risks. I believe my eclectic background of skills and experience paired with the knowledge and experiential learning I will gain from this program will equip me to make better entrepreneurial decisions and take those essential calculated risks.

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, I was always encouraged to pursue business and looking back I feel like I made the right decision to enroll into North South University's BBA program. One of the most interesting courses in University that I still find valuable today was Strategic Marketing where I learnt Blue Ocean Strategy extensively and applied them in case studies to existing brands to find new ways for value innovation. My first in-depth understanding of Internet technology coincidentally came about in my Entrepreneurship course when I was researching for our final group project on Triple Play Multicasting Services over WiMAX technology.

In order to complete my degree, I chose to intern at the telecom multinational, Robi Axiata's Data and Messaging Services under Marketing Operations. It was an exciting time in the telecom industry due to the launch of 3G and 3.5G Internet services in Bangladesh and I had the opportunity to work closely with data services and make regular reports on how subscriber's Internet usage trends differed in the month of Ramadan. Consequently, I submitted my internship report titled, "Mobile Internet Services in Bangladesh and Subscriber Awareness of 3G and Usage Tendencies across Gender and Age" with the help of my faculty advisor, Dr. Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury. I graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree with a dual major in Marketing and International Business and a CGPA of XXX.

Aside from studies, I served as the Executive Body of my University's Art Club, Canvas and searched for sponsorship to finance the re-launch of the club and wrote for the club's art magazine, Adam. I volunteered for the first ever World Marketing Summit where marketing gurus like Philip Kotler and Hermann Simon shared their insight with the youth of the developing Bangladesh.

I started working early in my sophomore year as a Staff Correspondent for the supplementary magazines at a new English newspaper called Daily Sun. Although it took a toll on my grades, the knowledge I gained from the 3 years of experience is immeasurable. My regular columns varied vastly in topics from fashion and d├ęcor to art and astronomy. From naming the supplements and constructing its columns to taking interviews of renowned authors, artists and small business owners, I had been a partaker in every step of the way. Here, learning about the stories of people from different walks of life had a profound effect on me and inspired me greatly.

After my graduation, I was eager to learn and work in a fast-paced and creative environment and hence I joined Grey Advertising as a Management Trainee and worked my way to a Copywriting position. I was not limited to writing copy and scripting, but I also learnt visualizing and strategy and took a personal interest in every project. I worked across multiple communication mediums for Grey's biggest clients - Grameenphone (Telenor Group), HSBC, BRAC, Edison Group and Apex to name a few. In my one and half year tenure, I worked for major campaign pitches, had two commercials aired, scripted case videos for the Cannes Lions awards and was an integral part of Grameenphone's Internal Marketing Team and Grey Digital Team. I believe this was where I found the all-consuming obsession for ideas I felt strongly about and the daily practice of copywriting, value innovating and strategizing for dozens of brands rained over the seedling of entrepreneurship.
Chan Dara 2 / 7 6  
Feb 23, 2016   #2
Hi, natcracker. I'm no good at writing myself but i'll try.
I think it would be nice if you can connect each experience and skill you earn with the community development (like why this skill/experience could be benefit to others, how it can contribute, what problem you want to solve). You did mention it nicely in your first and last paragraph. But I don't see it in the other paragraphs.
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Feb 24, 2016   #3
Any other feedback?

I'll try to add a little more examples towards the end.
thanks Chan Dara

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