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Oct 13, 2017
Scholarship / [CHEVENING ESSAY] - Drives Community Transformation Through Leaderships and Influencing skills [2]

Hi Fellas, please help me to fix some error occur on my essay below. This essay is about Leadership and Influencing Skills, your help is greatly appreciated.

leading future leaders

In early 2016, when I got along with the tourism ambassador association of Tangerang city initiated the Tangerang International Folklore Festival (TIFF). The aim of this event was not only to introduce the culture but also to build a young generation awareness about preserved both the tangible and intangible cultures. Aside from that, we tried to rebrand the image of Tangerang city as a livable, investable, and visit-able city from the old image which was an industrial city with two classic problems such as the polluted and populous city.

During the period of setting up the project, as a chief of the steering committee, I led a team of young future leaders who were highly dedicated in the association, where I was determined to manage the team in order to drive a transformation. Therefore, we conducted extensive field research on all possibilities, related to programmes that we will highlight in order to attain our target, which was rebranded the image. Furthermore, to avoid and resolve any internal technical issues, I constructed team vision on how crucial of teamwork in problem-solving then we will have a better cohesive group.

Luckily, we had succeeded to convince the city mayor to run on this event, and I could proudly pronounce that our event was a great success to attract the international delegates from seven countries with almost had no obstacles. In addition, we also succeeded to present an original tourism attraction that showed the new face of Tangerang city. Even though we succeeded, it wasn't mean that we didn't face any constraints at that time. Basically, we have been trying to hold this event since 2012, in the same year where I got a title as Tourism Ambassador and Cultural Spokesperson of Tangerang City and Banten Province. Unfortunately, the former city mayor simply had not the same vision about the future tourism development that suitable with the character of Tangerang city. In 2013 the city mayor has been replaced, we tried again, but the strategy was a bit different now, we presented our achievements on each year regarding the city development based on business and tourism community.

Every year we had one big social project, but the food court for "Laksa Noodle" was the only project that attracted the city mayor's attention in 2015. This food court was designated for an authentic traditional rice noodle, which was almost extinct. The aim of this project was to preserve one of the tangible cultures and at the same time could give a positive impact on the culinary tourism development and the community itself. We started to gather the seller, gave them a training on hygiene issue and brought them to the next level of street food tourism. With this experience, I am willing to create further contribution towards the growth of community-based in the business context and indirectly will affect the tourism sector, which the results will always present tremendous positive effects on the community.
Oct 10, 2017
Undergraduate / Help with my Statement of Purpose - ApplyTexas Topic A/UT Austin/International Undergrad Transfer [7]

Hi @marcellosln

It is probably better to show your interest on the subject, and university itself rather than your story background about your trip to your brother house. Also, elaborate more about your future prospect career or contribution if you take that advance study, and link back to your track record whether in the same field or not, and ensure you can sync it to your ultimate goal.

You can follow below formula;

1st paragraph - Opening, show them how important this subject for current issue by taking some common constraint that attracted you so much, and you willing to focus on it.

2nd paragraph - Directly, you show your interest in this specific subject at your chosen university. What makes it different compared to another subject at different university. Bring a distinct module that your chosen uni offer and some facility that you believe you can utilize and embrace your capacity with it.

3rd paragraph - Tells your ultimate goal after completing your study there, and link back to your past experience or accomplishments, whether in the academic field, professional or beyond professional achievements.

4th paragraph - Closing, link back again to the first paragraph about the issue you want to address and sync it to your chosen subject at the chosen university. re-convince the reviewer how important this study meant to you, and how bad you want it.

I hope it could give you a little input. By the way, I also at your shoes now...
keep it up, dude!!!!
Aug 30, 2017
Scholarship / Chevening Essay - Utilized the networking skills to make a Positive impact [2]

Chevening is looking for individuals with strong networking skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your networking skills, and outline how you hope to use these skills in the future. (Minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

giving domino effect

I do realize that building up and maintaining the network are crucial in order to achieve our ultimate dream aside of well preparation. Currently, I am working as relocation consultant, where my networks ranging from MNC's to I-NGO who operates their business in Indonesia. But, my first experience to build the network was started when I was selected to be a Tourism Ambassador and Cultural Spokesperson of Tangerang City and Banten Province in 2012. It was my turning point as a professional public speaker where I can be attached to a wider community in my home city or even bigger. To talk and discuss how do we play our role to preserve our culture and drives the change. Also, in 2014, when I was selected to be Indonesian representative to join JENESYS 2.0 an exchange program which brings out all of the Asian future leaders from ASEAN countries, together with the Oceania countries, including The New Zealand and Australia to Japan. The aim of the program is to connect all of the prospective future leaders of Asia. Thus, we can start to build an understanding to ensure that we keep our future life in peace.

From those two achievements, I gained wider network which also helps me to open my mind, and acquired more valuable soft skills. With the essential skills and networks that I had, I succeed to hold two international events where I am part of the steering committee. The first event was Java Model United Nation in 2013, through this event, I and the team were successful to attract more than 15 international delegates from 7 different countries. The aim of this event was to develop delegate's skills on diplomacy and analytical thinking, specifically to let all of the Indonesian delegates experienced the intercultural environment, and built up their confidence and networks. What's makes me proud is because up until now, this event is being the annual event in my university. The second event was Tangerang International Folklore Festival in 2016, the aim of this event was not only to introduce Tangerang culture but also built young generation awareness about preserved both the tangible and intangible cultures. Aside from that, we tried to contribute to help the local government in rebranding Tangerang image as a livable, investable, visit able, and E-city from the old image which was an industrial city with two classic problems such as a polluted and populous city.

I do believe what I have mentioned above are samples on how the networking skills were supposed to be utilized in order to make a positive influence. If I am awarded Chevening scholarship which indirectly titled as a Chevening Ambassador. I am obligated to back to Indonesia to contribute to the existing, and new development, and giving domino effect to a better relation between Indonesia and the UK, or even globally. Also, to help to construct an understanding matters arising, such as poverty, illiteracy, and unsustainable lifestyle, by connected to others future leaders across the globe in the Chevening networks.
Aug 28, 2017
Writing Feedback / Three Yearbook Write-ups (Description of a Person) [4]

Hi princess, hope this helps you...


Fun, energetic and humble, those three words are the most suitable words that can describe Elijah. I truly believe you won't move your attention once you know her.


Beauty is something that always attached to her, she will be the one that you can rely on when you down to the rock bottom, to listen and to absorb all the negativity you had. her passion for art affects people surround her too attached to her.


Critic yet a loyal person would be good words that can replace his ambitious image as a future leader. yes, he is the ambitious person but you will get affected to be a better person when you are along with him instead of intimidated.
Aug 27, 2017
Scholarship / Chevening Essay - Through Community service I gained my leadership skills and drive the change. [4]

Chevening is looking for individuals who will be future leaders or influencers in their home countries. Explain how you meet this requirement, using clear examples of your own leadership and influencing skills to support your answer. (Minimum word count: 100 words, maximum word count: 500 words)

How I grew up to lead

It was about three years ago when I along with 12 other friends were sent to a remote village in Halimun-Salak National Park area. We went there on behalf of our university as a socially responsible group to perform community service for one month. As a team leader I proudly pronounce that everything run very nice with little or almost no practical problems, our programs and activities were a success.

For this community service I divided the team into 3 sub-groups and assigning each group's specific task; the first group was focused on education with the main goal is to leverage student interest in reading books and deliver new method on learning and teaching. We did this project by teaching the students in their school also after school. The second group was focused on social awareness, the aim of this group is to prevent the local from the side effect of the globalization such as misuse of drugs, alcohol, and cigarette by giving a seminar to the local, whether in their school or in the public. Last but not least, the third group were focused on a business opportunity in the community.

Even though I divided the team into 3 sub-groups and I worked on the third group. As a team leader, I still had an obligation to manage the team as a whole, with the aim that everyone feels that they are being heard and being understood, and no one feels left out. It was usually quite simple to tackle issues we faced later on, especially since we already had an understanding of how teamwork is crucial in problem-solving.

Before we start all of the projects we did field research to seek and consider any advantages or disadvantages to apply it and to measure the possibility of succeed. Especially for the third group, however, we decided to make a derived product of catfish. Just like other villages in Indonesia, most of the local are rely on the farming, but we found that this community also produces a catfish to be sell in the city. That is why it would be very useful to help them create the product which ready to eat such as shredded catfish. We do not only help them by delivering the idea but also guide them to create the recipe, packaging and marketing it.

Even though we succeed to run all of the projects, it doesn't mean that we are not face any constraints at that time. To start to drive the change we need to make some adjustment with the local by constructing a good communication while also respect their beliefs. When they feel that we are part of the community then we can start to convince them that we will give a good impact to the community. Just like what Marshall said, "respect for differences in people is one of the most important qualities of successful global leader" (Marshall, 2005).
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