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Ganesh Mumar   
Oct 21, 2017
Scholarship / Career plan after completion of master course in UK - Chevening Essay [3]

to reach my immediate and long term goals

Dear friends,
pleas give me your feedback and thoughts on my essay.
Upon completion of one year master course in UK, my immediate career plan is to join back the company currently I am working for. Located strategically as a logistics hub, my country has been desperately in need of experts and transport policy makers who can have professional voice in the economic corridors currently implementing under Greater Mekong Subregion(GMS). With the international exposures and practices I am to acquire from my study in UK, I will expand my current network with enterprises in GMS members countries in logistics field and creat the business opportunities for our company.

When I return my country with the knowledge and strong academic background from UK,. I will set up a small think tank group with professionals from shipping and logistics field in Myanmar and will try to have a voice in the decision making process of government administrative as a private public engagement.

UK has been actively engaging in Infrastructure development and transport policy in Myanmar. I will participate as an independent advisory and consulting team to Transport related projects of UK Aid. I will be able to contribute in the area of road and rail infrastructure impact on the livelihood of people in terms of access to market from the logistics and commercial perspective.

My country opens up to market economy recently. There are very few people with strong academic root in supply chain teaching schools in Myanmar, which in turn can affect the quality of human resources urgently needed to fill in the workplace. Along with the foreign companies investment, sourcing materials globally and local experts in supply chain industry have been a challenging issue. Since teaching is my passion, I will spare some time for sharing knowledge. After two years of my return, I would have accumulated enough experience in logistics and supply chain industry. Then, I will join as a part time lecturer in Myanmar Maritime University and Myanmar Supply Chain College for Logistics Management courses.

After six years, I will have established well-organized consulting firm, giving services to both local and international companies. I will have collected enough data to do doctorate degree. As I love to keep pace with new technology development and its implication on the way we do things, particularly in supply chain industry. I plan to do doctorate in that field in my country context.

I strongly believe that the knowledge, network and international outlook I am to get from my one year study in UK will surely help me reach my immediate and long term goals in my country.
Ganesh Mumar   
Oct 7, 2017
Scholarship / Three British programs selection - reasons (Chevening Scholarship) [2]

Dear Friends, Please give me Your comments and suggestions for the improvement for my essay for university choices.


My country has recently opened to market economy. International trade practices and network with global suppliers has been a major issue for my country. Global trends has been moving away from solely focus on deep sea shipping towards a more integrated system of management and communications. With my strong root in Maritime shipping field, I will expand my field with the knowledge of supply chain and international trade management.

I chose to study MSc International Transport, Trade and Logistics from LJMU. The university has a very impressive network in maritime and logistics sector and I will be able to build up network with professionals and its affiliated research institutes. It offers not only theory-based knowledge, it also has complementary program for modeling and case-study followed by each module. My previous study in shipping law, economic of sea transport, logistics management will enhance my speed of acquiring knowledge. I will have an advantage of having holistic view of the whole supply chain process. In optional modules, I could be able to study project management , Information Management and port strategies. All things considered, I will be able to stand as a professional in shipping and logistics field with coverage of all essential elements of those field.

From the same university, I chose to study MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The modules differ from above choice particularly on its emphasize on manufacturing management and production planning and inventory management. It attracts me because my country has been seen future manufacturing hub as it is located right between two giant countries: India and China.
The course contains manufacturing plants visits and I will have a chance to compare different practices deployed in those plants. My country will need human resources in this field and I will be able to share my knowledge as a professional consultant.

My third choice is MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield school of management. This course is unique because it has Principles of Strategic Procurement as a core subject covering outsourcing, web-based procurement. It will be very supportive for me as procurement is starting to be done on a global scale in my country and international practices I learn will help me to stand as a professional in my country. In the electives modules, it has Retail Logistics and Logistics Outsourcing. I have been reading about modern retail logistics and I want to expand my knowledge further with international practices and operations procedures, which our local retail companies can imitate and renovate. Other elective module which I will take is Planning and Resourcing for Road Freight Transport. There will be Computer Vehicle Routing and Scheduling (CVRS) software based key planning elements for road transport and resource planning. I used to run IT integrated transport management system and I am very interested in CVRS packages and principles behind them.
Ganesh Mumar   
Sep 16, 2017
Scholarship / Continuous maintaining and expanding the network as an important part of my professional success [2]

Dear Friends,
Please give your feedback and comments on my essay.

Networking Question for Chevening Scholarship

Given the unique service oriented nature of the shipping and logistics industry , having a strong network of professionals and stakeholders in my disciplines is very important part of my professional success. Continuous maintaining and expanding the network is even more important.

In 2012, partnering with my colleague, I pioneered providing IT based fleet management solutions to truck owners and logistics companies. There were a lot of challenges , internally not having well-established network from my side and externally technology itself being new to the market. As I am responsible for marketing, I did a laborious research and produced a long list of every potential customers. According to the priority of chances of winning, I met many decision makers in the respective trucking and logistics companies. I had to identify their pain in smooth flow of transport and other cost concerns, and convince them the possible solutions that I could offer.

I managed to arrange a meeting with senior government officials like Minister of Yangon, Yangon Transport Minister and other participants to present the solution which will solve the severe traffic congestions and IT integrated management approach. I got a chance to network with them and build up a relationship for future business. At the same time, I attended and actively participated networking events , seminars, workshops, arranged by JICA, Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Associations. I particularly build a network with container truckers who are active in border trades , as my country borders with Thai, Lao, China( in east part), and India and Bangladesh ( in west part).

Despite my effort and pride moments I had in my work , due to fierce competition and other financial unreadiness, I gave up finding new customers, just maintaining the existing customers. One thing that continue benefiting me is the network I have built up. So, when I joined the Maersk Line Myanmar, I was able to use my network and solved the company longstanding relationship issues with truckers, terminal operators and customers, most of whom I have already known before joining and kept good relationship.

As a logistics manager ( myanmar branch) in my current job, we are very strong in border trade services. My relationship with truckers, distributers and transport authority from logistics hubs has immensely contributed to our wide coverage of service networks with excellent customer satisfaction. With maritime background, I entered to logistics field in 2012 and I have extended my field in supply chain services, widening my network all along the way.

With the extensive network of Chevening and the network I would build in the university, combined with my existing network, I feel very positive and confident that I would achieve not only my personal goal, I would be able to play key role in transport and supply chain industry, representing the industry and encouragement for the future leaders.
Ganesh Mumar   
Sep 16, 2017
Writing Feedback / IELTS Writing Task 2 - Job Vacancies Restriction in Many Countries [4]

I think
Your introduction did not directly relate to the question being asked.
The statement of the question is: whether the prejudiced social setting of favoring productive age against the elderly in the jobs has contributed to development of country or not.
Ganesh Mumar   
Sep 6, 2017
Scholarship / Graduate Statement; further information relevant for assessing your suitability for the course [4]

Dear Friends,
Please give me your comments and feedback.

Please include any further information that may be relevant for assessing your suitability for the course including: -
·a brief statement outlining your motivation for this course
·your career aspirations
·any plans you may have immediately after completing the course

course by Cranfield - personal statement

I graduated in 2008, specializing in Nautical Science Subject. After two years sea service, I pursued Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Multi-Modal transport from ICS,UK in 2012 and I passed professional qualifying exams in 2017. I came to realize how shipping is commercially indispensable topic in international trade, and its links to global supply chains. My interest started to expand from transport logistics to procurement, outsourcing, warehouse role in modern supply chain context and the uprising e-commerce, when I started working as a branch manager for Thailand based logistics company.

The modules in the course by Cranfield covers a very wide range of supply chain aspects. And it is very impressiveThe flow of information is a breadth of supply chain and I find the elective modules like Social Network Analysis in Supply Chain Context very interesting as understanding relationship assessment against social/cultural background can open up many bottle-necks in the supply chain pipeline. Planning and Resourcing for Road Freight Transport reflects what I am currently doing, as I am mainly responsible for border transport from China, Thailand and from other oversea countries by means of two legs of transport.

While studying for Advanced Diploma, I had been entrepreneuring GPS based fleet management solutions for a variety of business verticals. I manage to build a very good network from truck-owning logistics companies. In my current job as a branch manager for logistics services( sea/land/air), I have been expanding my network. My goal is to stand as an recognized person in logistics and supply chain field in my country as a consultant. For a long term I want to found a school to equip with logistics and supply chain industry with international knowledge. Getting a chance to be a member of three world famous institutions: CIPS, CILT and ELA after completion of the course plus site-visits in Europe and Practical focused are mainly attractive to me, because my long term goal can be achieved in a short time with those degrees.

After completion of course, I intend to grow my current business in logistics services. So far, I have not many customers from MNCs, I will try to get some market share. Our current service mainly focus on border and I will try to gain name in ocean freight. I will be also preparing for chartering opportunities as bulk-cargo export for beans will be gaining momentum when i completed my course.In free time, I will apply for a part-time teacher in supply chain institutions and universities.
Ganesh Mumar   
Sep 4, 2017
Scholarship / Leadership skill - creating relaxing atmosphere combined with motivation [3]

Dear friends,
Kindly help me get your feedback and comment on my essay.

Leadership and Influence For Chevening Scholarship

To my mind, creating relaxing atmosphere where my colleagues and staff can work harmoniously with well-set objectives, combined with motivation is the leadership skill I understand.

When I joined Maersk Line Myanmar Ltd. in June, 2014, it was a new and very first 100% foreign-owned company, changing from previous Joint Venture enterprise due to productivity and performance issues. The company had to start from scratch. To initiate the company culture with new way of dealing things, mostly new/fresh employees were employed. I was one of them taking responsible for operation and cost control, directly reporting to country manager.

I was welcome with a lot of problems waiting to be solved. There were no clear standard operation procedure. Due to the under-performance of our contracting terminal and Dry Depots, container equipments data were out of control and in a position of not being reliable to assign to customers. Container turn-around time was taking up to 4 months, incurring huge loss to the company. Relationship with our contractors were getting worse as my company tried to handle with strict discipline and compliance as adopted in other well-developed countries. Worst still was that because of the limited supplier of services for terminal, dry depots and truckers, bargaining power was not our side.

Along with the colleague in my operation team, I approached country manager with a proposal to overcome the problems we were facing. I requested him not to stick to the rules in textbooks as it had not produced any fruitful result. My country manager was initially reluctant as it was my first job in liner shipping industry. But relying on background education, he finally assign the task and I seized this opportunity to apply my knowledge and to show my leadership skill.

I arranged with our contractors and tried to pinpoint the problems they were having with regard to the unsatisfactory services delivered to us. I found out that it was not that they were not willing to give good services, it was their lack of skill and understanding of their jobs in an international setting. Rather than hoping something out of the personnel who has nothing, I negotiated with my country manager to arrange workshop at their location. I managed to explain what we really wanted and how they could strive to fulfill it. They were provided with enough time frame and we made ourselves approachable in case some problems arise, so we could discuss and reach to some effective solution. They became co-operative and we managed to establish a relationship which promises solutions to our previous pains.

As a result, our company reduce the dwelling time of vessel as container handling speed from terminal increased. Container mis-picking and trouble to locate the container in the dry port was solved. We saved a lot for depot charge levied on container stay charge by smoothing and speeding up the repositioning.