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Jan 20, 2009
Writing Feedback / Oedipus the Tragic Hero [6]

thank you!! this helps a lot :)...im almost done, only like a page and a half left
Jan 19, 2009
Writing Feedback / Oedipus the Tragic Hero [6]

thank you, i fixed it... but im still stuck on what else to write. i have absolutely 0 ideas with 3 pages left to write
Jan 19, 2009
Writing Feedback / Oedipus the Tragic Hero [6]

I was given a quote by Aristotle, a tragic hero is "such a person who neither is superior [to us] in virtue and justice, nor undergoes a change to misfortune because of vice and wickedness, but because of some error, and who is one of those people with a great reputation and good fortune."

and then a the question is why does aristotle think it important that the tragic hero of drama be such a person? you should illustrate your answer by reference to Sophocles's play Oedipus the King. In addition how does the element of dramatic irony come into focus as a technique to highlight the tragedy of Oedipus.

Heres what i have so far, its around 2 pages doubled spaced and i need at least 5 pages. im currently stuck on what else to write and put in my paper. help would be appreciated..and please note if you spot any grammatical errors :)

Aristotle defines Oedipus as a tragic hero for his unfortunate sequence of events. As a child, Oedipus was given a prophecy that he was to grow up marrying his mother and slaying his father. Jocasta and Laius try to impede the prophecy by killing Oedipus, but in the end, fate was the ultimate victor. Aristotle defines a tragic hero by four qualities: goodness, appropriateness, lifelike, and consistency (Aristotle's Tragic Hero). According to Aristotle, Oedipus is an ideal example of a tragic hero for causing his own downfall, having fallen from his estate, and having an undeserved punishment (sheet).

Because Oedipus is a tragic hero, he makes an error due to human fallibility and ends up suffering as a consequence. Free will and fallibility have caused Oedipus to wander down the path where he will fulfill his prophecy. As a result, "his downfall results from acts for which he is himself is responsible" (Sheet).

According to Aristotle, because Oedipus was born to nobility "his high estate gives him a place of dignity to fall from and perhaps makes his fall seem all the more a calamity in that it involves an entire nation or people" (Sheet). Although Oedipus is a king and should be setting examples for society, he has major flaws such as pride and rage. Oedipus is easily angered and lashed out at Tiresias when he told him that he is his own murder. Before he could get any explanations, Oedipus sent Tiresias away in a fit of rage because his pride made him unwilling to accept the truth. Oedipus had also acted similarly in Corinth when a drunkard had told him Polybus and Merope were not his real parents. His rage resulted in the death of Laius and his men. These flaws show that Oedipus acts on instinct and makes brash decisions. Oedipus also bears the characteristic of being stubborn and eventually forces the truth of his past out of several shepherds. It is also because of characteristics that lead him to his downfall. "And I must hear it. But hear it I will." (Knox 87). His moment of realization is the start of his suffering. Like a responsible King, Oedipus does not commit suicide, but instead gauges his eyes out and banishes himself from the city of Thebes. Oedipus takes responsibility as king and does not want his children shunned upon. As a consequence, Oedipus will live the rest of his life in blindness, a punishment far worse than what he had deserved.

The theme of light and dark plays an essential role in dramatic irony. In search of seeking for the truth, Oedipus was ignorant and refused to believe Tiresias. Ironically, Tiresias is physically blind, and Oedipus is metaphorically blind. When Oedipus had vision he was in the dark for not knowing of his past. However, when Oedipus blinded himself, he was brought from the darkness into the light because he finally knew of his destiny. "O God! It has all come true. Light, let this be the last time I see you. I stand revealed - born in shame, married in shame, an unnatural murderer" (Knox 89). To Oedipus, not being able to see the truth metaphorically is the same as not being able to see physically. By blinding himself, he has forced himself to see everything from a different point of view.
Jan 19, 2009
Undergraduate / Short answer essay questions (yoga, tennis) [5]

On a free afternoon, I would love to play tennis with my dad or cook a nice meal for my family.

i would write, "On a free afternoon, I would love playing tennis with my dad or cooking a nice meal for my family."
Jan 19, 2009
Undergraduate / "What qualities do you feel you would bring to our institution?" [6]

You could start by saying how you could benefit others by helping them out in times of need, offering your services, help give the school a good image. There are many different ways to answer this question without sounds cocky. Be truthful
Jan 19, 2009
Essays / help antigone anouilh [4]

I remember that Antigone is an incestous play about a girl who loves her cousin Haimon. She is the daughter of Oedipus...andd Haimon is the son of Creon. bleh...sparknotes is the way to go
Dec 27, 2008
Undergraduate / 'The scoreboard, basketball' - Villanova's Separate Essay [3]

As you imagine yourself as a member of the Villanova community, what is one lesson that you have learned in your life that you will want to share with others?

10, 9, 8, 7... The scoreboard was winding down and I knew that this was going to be the last basketball game I would ever play. This was the last time I would get to feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins and the last time I would ever play with my team. As my opponent missed her shot, I jumped up for the rebound and with ball in hand, I sprinted down the court as if I was being chased in a hectic game of tag. With less than 3 seconds left on the timer, I approached the basket with two familiar footsteps and released the ball with a flick of the wrist from my hands. To me, time had stopped and although that it did not, I felt as though the world revolved around this shot. The scoreboard had buzzed, but all I could hear was the sound of the ball going through the net and all I could feel was my heart beating vigorously. It was the last game of the season and it was our only victory throughout the season. We had ended with a strong image and were able to work as a team to gain points collaboratively and ultimately win our final game. On the ride home, my father and I had an argument, which was no different than the previous ones we had. I knew what was coming and I made a mental promise to myself that I would never make decisions for my future children, like what my father had done to me.

"Please! You know how much basketball means to me and I promise to study more for my standardized tests." My attempts were futile and unconvincing, but I also knew that he had made up his mind long before the conversation began.

"No, I thought about this for some time and it was not an easy decision for me to make. You know how important your junior year is and I do not want any distractions." After moments of silence, I knew that his decision was final and nothing would persuade him to change his mind. Playing basketball was not just any sport to me, it was a milestone to my achievement of becoming a recognized athlete. Just thinking about what life would be like without basketball was hard, but imagining giving up the opportunity to play Varsity basketball was even harder.

Basketball has taught me many things which have influenced my beliefs today. It has taught me the importance of teamwork, which is something I feel should be instilled into the beliefs of my future son or daughter. When my father did not allow me to continue playing basketball it felt as if he had ripped out a part of my identity. The resentment I had for my father still lingers for closing that door in my life; which by his doing has taught me what not to do with my son or daughter. The countless hours I have spent with my team has shaped me into a stronger person by allowing me to believe in myself, as well as believing in my teammates. These are all virtues which I intend on passing onto my son or daughter, unlike my father, by allowing them every opportunity in life to learn and grow whether it be playing sports or playing an instrument.

please revise/edit grammatical errors. im also wondering if this effectively answers the question. thank you!
Dec 10, 2008
Writing Feedback / Chivalry Essay, Advantages and Disadvantages [2]

this essay is about the advantages and disadvantages of a society built on the chivalric code. 3-4 pages

"Chivalric System, Effective?"

Back in the Middle Ages, chivalry was a set of values that were followed by medieval knights. The Chivalric Code consisted of many different ideals such as: honesty, bravery, courtesy, humility, loyalty, respect for women, and fair play. As seen in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Morte d' Arthur, abiding by chivalry presents advantages as well as disadvantages. Many of Arthur's Knights are tested by their chivalric system. Following the chivalric system is not always advantageous; it can bring out the worst or the best in a Knight.

At King Arthur's feast, a knight dressed in green appears asking for participants in a beheading game with many rules and regulations. The rules state that the opposing player is allowed to behead the Green Knight, only if the same can be done to the challenger in exactly one year and a day. When King Arthur agrees to play, Gawain sacrifices himself in order to protect him by partaking in the challenge instead. By accepting this challenge, Gawain and his ideas of chivalry are put to the ultimate test. When Gawain states "I am the weakest, well I know, and of wit feeblest; / And the loss of my life would be least of any" (128-129), he gains respect by being honest and humble by admitting his flaws. By following the ideals of the Chivalric Code, Gawain has presented himself as a courteous and humble knight to the King.

Although Gawain fears for his life, he still holds true to his promise and abides by the rules of the game. He sets out the following year searching for a Green Chapel and is unsuccessful throughout the winter. Gawain finally stumbles upon an unknown castle where the lord is able to provide him with refuge. At this castle, Gawain is presented with another pledge; he has to exchange winnings with the lord for three days. However, on the third day, Gawain breaks his pledge by failing to share his green girdle with the lord, which possesses the power to keep the owner out of harm. This presents the biggest disadvantage in the chivalric system; Gawain had broken the promise because he cared more for his own personal safety instead of abiding by the Chivalric Code.

Before setting out to find the Green Chapel, a guide advises Gawain not to go, but Gawain follows the Chivalric Code by fulfilling his end of the deal. As he arrives at the Chapel, he is greeted by the Green Knight with a gigantic Danish axe. Gawain then offers his neck to the Green Knight who takes the first blow. Gawain flinches from the blow which causes the Green Knight to mock his reputation as a glorious Knight. By flinching, this hints that Gawain may not be as brave as he sets out to be. Gawain then replies by stating, "Strike once more; / I shall neither flinch nor flee; / But if my head falls to the floor / There is no mending me!" (373-376). For the second blow, the Green Knight stops short to see if Gawain holds true to his word. Finally, on the third blow, the Green Knight merely nicks him on the side of the neck explaining that it was merely a test of honor. An advantage of following the code of honor resulted in a light-hearted consequence for Gawain.

King Arthur symbolized the chivalric system and as he was dying, the system was fading away as well. In his final moments, King Arthur needed his loyal Knights by his side the most. However, Knights such as Bedivere took advantage of the dying King by being greedy and dishonest. Because Arthur knew that he had limited time, he wanted to throw Excalibur back into the ocean, "take thou here Excalibur my good sword and go with it to yonder water's side; and when thou comest there I charge thee throw my sword in that water and come again and tell me what thou sawest there (Malory 181)." Examining the sword more closely, Bedivere did not want to throw Excalibur in the water because of the riches he could attain by selling the sword. Bedivere and his greed causes him to lie to King Arthur when asked, "What saw thou there? (Malory 182)." The collapse of the chivalric system also causes looters and robbers to steal the valuables of a dead man. With those that were not dead, they were slew for their jewelry and expensive weapons. Another disadvantage of the chivalric system is without a ruler, all values and ideals of the chivalric system crumble.

Even though the chivalric system upholds the ideals of a perfect Knight, it contains advantages as well as disadvantages. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the major disadvantage of following chivalry is that Gawain valued his life more than the code. Following chivalry can also have advantages such as creating a good image for oneself and being respected in society. Another disadvantage came from Morte d' Arthur, as King Arthur was dying society was stripped from chivalry. Living in a society built on the ideals of the Chivalric Code can have many positives as well as negatives.

feel free to make corrections and revisions to any grammatical errors. feedback is also highly appreciated. please and ty :)
Dec 8, 2008
Undergraduate / Lehigh Supplement essays [4]

i think they are both really great essays, its just in the first one there is a lot of "I"
Dec 8, 2008
Essays / Advantages/Disadvantages of the Chivalric code [3]

I have been asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a social system built on the ideals of the Chivalric Code, think about the following

-Relationships between characters (Arthur/Guinevere, Arthur/Gawain, Arthur/Bedivere)
-Acts of the Knights (Arthur, Mordred, Lancelot, Gawain, Bedivere, Gallahad)
-Stories presented
-Courtly life (castle festivities, chain of comman)
-War and Peace in the Kingdom
-Promises and oaths
-Ideals of Kingship and Kingdoms
-Other aspects that deal with the Chivalric Code

We have recently read "legend of king arthur, sir gawain & the green knight, and morte d arthur". I'm stuck on how to start this essay
Dec 7, 2008
Undergraduate / 'loss of comfort' - mcaulay honors college essay [3]

Hello, :)

"However, the beauty of the trek on this granite hill taught me, in greater respects, many life lessons that an 8-year-old like me would never imagine learning on what I considered a tedious and hectic journey."

"I discovered that progress is not rapid. In fact, it is gradual and takes persistence."

hmm i would write something along the lines of "I discovered that progress is not rapid, and in fact, it is gradual and takes persistence." to join the two sentences together.

these are just suggestions, if you do take them im glad to have helped :O)
Dec 7, 2008
Undergraduate / Elaborating on Job Experience- Common Ap Short Answer [4]

please review, proofread, and critique this short answer. please and thank you! :D

When I accepted the job to be a mentor at Kumon, it had little significance on me. Not only did I think of it as a job for pay, but I had also detested the amounts of tedious paperwork. After my first month of working at Kumon, I realized that being a mentor was much more than meet the eye. I was not only teaching and educating children, I was also preparing them for a future with a strong educational background. Working at Kumon has also been an intellectual challenge. With children that had difficulties learning, I came up with effective methods and applied it to each individual in need. The experience that I have gained by teaching others has benefited me by furthering my thinking process and by approaching things in a different viewpoint.
Dec 7, 2008
Undergraduate / Absent parents / Taekwondo - I cant decide which essay to use for my common app essay... [10]

"One such tragedy took place when I was three years old; my mother was killed in a train accident. Even though he was physically alive, my father died that day as well." <~ i was a little confused after reading this, i thought there was a typo that meant that your mother was still physically alive

those are both really good essays
Nov 13, 2008
Undergraduate / What makes you different and how do you stand out? - Topic of My Choice [NEW]

as for topic of my choice, i decided to write on how i was different from everyone else

What makes you different and how do you stand out?

In a college community, diversity is an important aspect. While my outward appearances tells that I am Asian, my character and personality does not hold true to most stereotypes. As a child, I grew up in a small town that consisted of mainly Caucasians which brought out my ethnicity. A typical stereotype of a Chinese girl would be one that excelled in academics and had musical talent. While I do hold true to excelling in academics and having musical talent, I was never born with the natural talent a typical Chinese girl had. Typical Chinese girls would also refrain from playing sports, but I knew I was different.

At the age of 6, I began to play the piano under the pressures of my strict parents. I knew that my parents were disappointed during my first lesson because I was not a child prodigy, like my cousins were. It was because of hard work and perseverance that I am now able to play famous pieces such as Beethoven and Mozart. Similarly, excelling in academics also required much effort and determination. I was never naturally smart and it took me a longer time to understand topics with the help of a tremendous amount of studying. I had eventually proven myself worth of entering accelerated classes as a result of receiving good grades from studying.

Nothing ever came naturally to me, and participating in sports was no exception. As a freshman playing for the first time on a school team, I felt compelled to do well in both volleyball and basketball. Because I never had any natural talent to play sports, my lack of experience resulted in getting very little playing time on the court. While on the bench, I admired my teammates that were athletically talented and wondered why I was never blessed with such a gift. Instead of whining about how I lacked talent, I took action that resulted in countless hours of practicing.

Luckily, I lived next to a basketball court, where I was able to perfect my jump shots and lay-ups. As for volleyball, I was very meticulous about how I passed the ball and practiced bumping to myself until the point where everything was flawless. Because of my character, I never settled for mediocre when I wanted excellence. When I returned the next season as a sophomore, everything drastically changed. I went from sitting on the bench into being a captain of Junior Varsity for both volleyball and basketball. My willpower and hard work has allowed me to improve in every way.

Although colleges have many Asians, I know that I would be able to stand out among them because of my character and personality. Living in a Caucasian community has allowed people to distinguish me as a diverse person.

feel free to fix any errors and give any opinions/revisions to anything :) please and thank you
Nov 8, 2008
Undergraduate / 'Getting everyone involved' Why would I apply to Lehigh and my contributions [NEW]

Lehigh Short Answer: basically why i decided to apply to Lehigh and what i can offer

As a student looking for opportunities in a business world, a proper education is essential for a successful outcome. While there are many colleges that have the appropriate facilities that can help me expand my business education, Lehigh University has taken my interest. Lehigh offers many academic programs that would provide needed experience. Also, Lehigh presents a gorgeous 1600 acres campus with a diverse community where anyone is able to feel secure. My ethnic background would help contribute to the diversity by creating an accepting society. One of the many goals that I hope to achieve while attending Lehigh is to become an active student within the community and motivating others to become involved. Interacting with others is one of the many aspects that make college an important step in entering a business world. My academic abilities have been able to bring me to where I stand today and with the help of Lehigh, my abilities would be able to reach maximum potential.

(991 characters with spaces) (Max is 1000 characters)

Opinions are appreciated :)! feel free to make changes to anything that sounds funny. please and thank you :D