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Apr 24, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS - International Tourism becomes more common than earlier. [7]

Dear Dumi,
I appreciate so much for your review and correction in my essay.
It looks to me that your English level is quite high especially in the area of Writing.
I am currently preparing my IELTS EXAM and testing date is approaching soon in May so i am in panic. It is not because i don't know how to write but it always takes much longer time for me to think about the topic and organize an essay, therefore my time is always not enough...

Do you think it is possible if i can contact you directly by skype,QQ or whatever other means in case i may have chance to consult with you regarding to the writing?

I would be appreciative if you can help. :)
with many thanks
Apr 21, 2013
Writing Feedback / It's good to learn a foreign language in that foreign land ! [5]

Many people believe that learning a foreign language also gives the best result because leaners' qualification is the most important factor, not the study conditions.

maybe i will write in this way: Many people believe that Learner's qualification is the contruibuting factor which leads to the best results of learning a foreign language.

The only and convincing reason is learning a foreign language in its nature countries is a valuable means for the learner to develop their learning technique perfectly.

i think this sentence is somewhere wrong on the verb: are you saying :
the only convincing reason is that learning a foreign language in its native countires is a valuable means for learners to develop ... perfectly.
Apr 21, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS task 1: Letter to the neighbors to apologize for the noise [2]

Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your houseflat.
Write a letter to your neightbours. In your letter
1. explain the reasons for the noise
2. apologise
3. describe what action you will take

Dear Mr. Green
I was terribly sorry to receive your letter complaining about the noise brought from my flat last Friday night. I am writing to express my sincere apology for the inconvenience caused.

Please allow me to explain a little that we threw a welcome party for my sister who was just back from Australia after 4 years studying abroad. Since we had not seen each other for a very long time we decided to hold a gathering party by inviting all the relatives and close friends to come to the house. Friends were probably too thrilled in the party they even sang and danced with loud music with little attention that it was late of night.

I must say again that we were very sorry about the disturbance to your rest at night, we were not very thoughtful but we truely didn't mean to bother our neighbours. certainly this won't happen again as such a family activity we would surely take it outside instead of holding it at home next time.

your sincerely

Apr 21, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS, Why more people travel than before? What are the benefits? [8]

may people are likely to traveling during holidays

Many people are likely to travel during the holidays.

The tourism industry has been highly developed in order to accept more visitors and be more cheaper than before.

Accept more visitor?? maybe use receive or welcome..., also you can not use more cheaper instead of cheaper
Apr 21, 2013
Writing Feedback / IELTS - International Tourism becomes more common than earlier. [7]

International tourism is now more common than ever before. Some feel that this is a positive trend while others do not. what are you opinions on this?

By the advent of globlization and increased tourisim promotion, many peple start to travel across world frequently. International vacation is no longer undertaken by affluent, but rising middle class also partaking in it. the growth of travel industry has brought great attention to people with differnt attitudes. Some contend it is very rewarding while others argue that it has adverse effects. From my personal perspective, i believe that the overall impact of globle tourism is positive.

To begin with , tourism is a valuable and rapidly growning sector which links to many other industries. For instance, when a country receives tourists all over the world, its hotel industry, transportation, local business all flourishes. it will certainly revive the revenue resource of a country as well as generating huge empolyment opportunities. More over, tourism also enhance the infrastructural development of its country in order to welcome the influx of travellers, which eventually benefits well the local facilities and people to achieve a accomplished life style.

In addition to this, tourism is an interface for culture exchange and play an essential role to present local culture to world. It also contributes a massive part to bridge the gap between different cultures. Thanks to Tourism, now people have more chance to enrich their knowledge and explore the colorful world outside their door.

Admittedly, there are some negetive aspects due to tourism, such as pollution and environmental degradation. Exotic places, like forest, mountain range and desert are considered fragile, but are fabulous landscapes to attract many adventurers, which lead to destructive consequence in term of its natural environment. therefore i trust government need to impose certain rules or regulations to control the situation.

By the way of conclusion, i once again to restate my postion that i hold a very positive view to international tourism despite of the challenges. Its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks from many aspects.

HI guys,
I would be very much appreciated if you can review my eassy with comments and corrections especially in terms of grammar, vacabulary etc...
I am looking forward to your feedback soon with many thanks.

Jessie Wang
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