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Motivation letter for applying for energy mangement program in germany

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May 9, 2014   #1
Dear Sirs, Madams
I am interested in applying for the Master's Degree Program in Energy Conversion and Management at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences starting in 2014. I graduated in xxxxxxx and hold a Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, I am currently enrolled in the master of science degree in xxxxx university which I already finished the studying modules and now working on my thesis on the subject of Wind turbine performance simulation using CFD techniques.

Egypt with it is increasing energy consumption driven from population growth and the fact that its natural gas reserve will not be able to meet the ever increasing energy demands, Egypt has decided to move to renewable energy with a very ambitious plan to have 20% of its power generation capacity through renewable energy by 2020.

I believe that me by taking part in the ECM program I will be able to help in performing energy economic analysis for the best utilization of Egypt`s enormous Energy potential from various sources oil, Gas, Hydropower, Solar and Wind energy specially the last two source of renewable energy wind and solar which offers significant potential for electricity generation. Egypt`s wind atlas showed that there is sites ranked as one of the best sites in the world due to high and relatively stable wind speeds range between 8-10 m/s and large uninhabited desert area which will ease the construction of transmission infrastructure, As for solar energy due its geographic location, Egypt has a direct solar radiation varying between 1,970 and 3,300 kWh/m2/year.

As part of both my postgraduate and undergraduate studies in wind energy, marine engineering and naval architecture I have studied various subjects that in my opinion will be useful in the ECM program these include Hydrodynamics, Marine power plants, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Thermodynamics and offshore Engineering. Beside bachelor studies I was Student Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, (RINA) from 2005 to 2009 member ship no #279019. Also I was member of the football and handball team in my class which did not keep me from excelling in my final year with my friends in the graduation project which took third place in the graduation project day and financial prize introduced by RINA - Ship classification company.

During my three years as a Navy officer which I served as a part of my military service I worked as a ship operation and maintenance engineer. It formed for me a strong background in leadership, self discipline and decision making. After that I worked as operation manager in offshore services company and for the last 30 months I have been working as Executive shipbuilding engineer in xxxxxx, in this period I have received training in the modern techniques of shipbuilding in xxxxxx for shipbuilding for 2 months in Shanghai, China.

Upon finishing my master degree in ECM I believe I can find me a place in energy system management or renewable energy projects management in an energy organization whether within the public or private sector which is mainly dominated by international energy companies as an example of those companies operating in Egypt are ENERCON, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG and GMESA among many others.

I found ECM program unique from other energy master programs due to its deep understanding of what the energy development market needs which appears clearly through the fact that the ECM program dedicate a whole semester as an internship in industry. I found it very encouraging that we will be using the software EES in energy systems module that I am already familiar with because during bachelor studies we used the software EES in the subject marine power plants in solving the heat balance problems of different system and also in calculating the ship resistance to monitor the effect of change of one factor e.g.(speed, length, breadth...)on the other factors. ECM program offers a variety of courses in energy related engineering modules and energy economics modules which I believe is not only one of the most interested courses within the program but also will form a very powerful tool for my future career in to help highlighting the unforeseen opportunities within the energy market taking into account the different energy resource towards a more economical energy efficient plans.

I believe studying in Germany which is one of the top destinations for international students worldwide that offers international Energy programs will expose me to the market of energy with a more wide perspective. Germany awareness towards the importance of energy comes clear in it political decisions which resulted in great achievements e.g. Germany has set a world record for solar power with 22.7 Gigawatts this April and also comes 3rd worldwide in the installed wind power capacity with 34,250 MW.

I feel the urge for all the reasons stated previously to be able to secure me a position within Offenburg university and which I believe I have the required credentials that enables me to pursue the ECM master program with strong motivation inorder to maintain high standards.

With regards,
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May 9, 2014   #2
Could you kindly review my motivation letter and gave me your reviews
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May 10, 2014   #3
I graduated in xxxxxxx and hold a Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture.(stop here) I am currently enrolled in thepursuing a master of science degree inat xxxxx university whichand I have already finishedcompleted the studying modules and now working on my thesis on the subjecttitle,of" Wind turbine performance simulation using CFD techniques" .
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May 10, 2014   #4
Thank you for these tips if there is any thing else in the rest of the letter please inform me

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