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Motivation Letter for the Master in Computer Science (Machine Intelligence) at ETH Zurich

Francesco Bondi 1 / -  
Nov 13, 2023   #1
I am applying for the Master's program in Computer Science, specialized in Machine Intelligence, offered by ETH Zürich because I believe it offers the perfect blend of courses to further enrich myself academically and provide a rigid foundation upon which I can build my future career.

Born and raised in Ravenna, a town on the northeast coast of Italy, I have always been encouraged to travel, cultivate a sense of curiosity, gather diverse experiences and dive into various fields to discover my true interests. From a young age, I was exposed to many extracurricular activities, primarily in sports and music. These experiences instilled in me the values of discipline and hard work, playing a significant role in the development of my creativity and problem-solving skills. And to this day, I remain a passionate musician, with 15 years of experience playing the piano.

However, it was my exposure to the world of technology by my father, a software engineer, that sparked a spontaneous and profound interest in informatics. Motivated by our shared passion, I started my educational journey by enrolling in an Applied Science track at a scientific high school. It was during this time that my physics teacher presented me with a challenge: to create a website that could assist students struggling with physics comprehension through simulated experiments. This led me to the creation of PhysicsNova and significantly increased my fascination with software development, marking a defining moment in my academic journey.

Later, I embarked on a Bachelor's program in Engineering of Computing Systems at Politecnico di Milano, firmly believing that this path would have a significant impact on my personal growth and help me work toward the professional figure I am still striving to become.

While at Politecnico di Milano, I became part of the NECST Laboratory, directed by Professor XXX, who provided me with a valuable introduction into the academic research domain. In the lab, I focused on the development of web-based tools, working closely with my peers and receiving guidance from PhD candidates. This collaboration not only provided me with the opportunity to present our work to the laboratory network but also entrusted me with a pivotal role: designing a system that facilitated the coordination of extracurricular activities for the lab. This hands-on experience sharpened my teamwork abilities, software skills, and time management.

During my second year of university, I applied for the Erasmus program at TUM (Technische Universität München) and I was the only Bachelor's student from my faculty selected. My motivation was twofold: I was determined to step outside of my comfort zone, and I had a strong desire to attend lectures in English, especially in areas like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This program is currently providing me with an insight into Master's-level studies, strengthening my academic foundation and allowing me to work with applied AI for motion-planning. For instance, through the projects of the course of Fundamentals of AI, which are conducted using CommonRoad, a set of modular benchmarks related to search algorithms, constraints satisfaction and decision-making in real-life traffic scenarios.

The vast applications of Artificial Intelligence intrigue me and therefore I am enthusiastic about delving deeper in this dynamic field. Witnessing how Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing are transforming industries, inspire me to take an active part in their advancements. ETH's Master's program aligns perfectly with my aspirations and I believe that it will equip me with the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions in this area. Courses in Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning resonate with me and I am genuinely enthusiastic about pursuing these subjects throughout the Master's program, all the while considering the prospect of a PhD in the future.

With a burning desire to learn more and venture ahead in this field, I hope to contribute with my talents and efforts to your university and become a worthy member of the community.

Thank you,
Francesco Bondi

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