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Motivation letter - Master in Facility Management at Zurich University

PHUONG VU 2 / 5  
May 12, 2014   #1
Hi everyone,

I would like to seek your review, comments on my motivation letter to undertake the master in facility management. Due to the upcoming deadline, your feedback in the soon time is very appreciated and thanked.

I am concerning whether it is too long? Should I shorten this essay? I'm looking forward to your advice.

Thank you very much.


Dear Sirs/Madams,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in the admission of the Master in Facility Management at Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW). This master program will enable me to leverage my working experience in Corporate Real Estate Services in general and facility management in particular to the professional and senior level.

First of all, real estate and facility management are definitely considered as my destiny. My parents were facilitating housing business during my childhood so that I could early approach real estate related matters. I was familiar with the real estate market, real estate law and construction work when I grew up. Nonetheless I decided to choose my major as English linguistics and Literature due to the impact of downturn market and family's business cease. I would firmly become and English teacher or a translator. Once again fate destined me back to real estate. After graduation, I was recruited to work in Corporate Real Estate Services (CRES) Department at Standard Chartered Bank during four years.

During the years at the bank, Corporate Real Estate Services and Facility Management have brought me the aspiration and motivation to determine my career endeavor. In brief, CRES manages approximately 62,332 sq ft of office space, branches and ATM locations through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The accountability of Head of CRES gave me an unique chance to support him through all CRES functions which includes asset management, project management, facility management, health safety and environment, security, CRES Finance and business continuity management. Since I was being appointed to be the Real Estate & Project Assistant, several acquisition projects have been proposed and approved. Our team was proud of successfully delivering 46,419 sq ft of office & retail space into well - operation and applying the new agile working model.

While working, I was fascinated by the facility management (FM) role in the integration with the other functions such as asset management (AM) and project management (PM). FM managers were responsible for not only the operation after project completion but also consultation with AM in the negotiation process with landlords. A part of my role was coordinating with FM managers and collecting their comments to draft, propose and negotiate advantageous terms and conditions. I learned that FM managers were the key consultants to identify the essential operation terms and foresee any operation loss. FM managers also usually teamed up with project team including me to opt for the best option of equipment installment including energy saving equipment in order to optimize the life cycling cost, smoothen operation and strategically decrease energy consumption in the long run.

Regarding the two recent projects of implementing agile working model, FM team were challenged due to the transition from the fixed and closed office to the flexible and open office. Though I found it fun to be a part of the team, communicating with different people from different departments. Together we were providing the best working environment to boost employee's productivity. I know FM is challenging but interesting. However I am confident that my strong aspiration, advanced knowledge and ethnical professional attitudes shall endeavor my determination for this chosen career.

After four years with Standard Chartered Bank, I believe this time is a stepping stone for me to head for the next level. It is a pity that my education background is not directly supporting for my job in facility or property management despite my fruitful experience I have gained from practice. Therefore the best formal way to leverage myself to a senior position is building up advanced knowledge and skills by a professional education in facility management. Therefore, I feel urged to undertake the master degree in facility management.

I have searched and found some courses all over the world however the program structure at ZHAW is the most suitable for me and Switzerland is a worthy country to study and work. What impressed me that is the program structure and direction match the fields I've worked. The course not only covers the FM perspectives but also the insights of FM environment in business context and vice versa. I experienced and was fully aware that business context played an important role in FM orientation in any organization. In additional, as we are living in the changing world, business skills and leadership in change management from the course program will enable me to confidently engage the business and take the lead in any transition process. I believe the intensive syllabus and practical case studies will provide me such a tremendous knowledge and skills to be an FM professional in the future. Moreover, during my two backpacking trips to Switzerland in 2007 and 2013, I learned that Swiss are hard-working and well-organized. I expect to learn such spirits when I will be studying at ZHAW and experiencing the Swiss lifestyle.

I have the certain reasons to believe that this postgraduate study program of the prestigious university in Switzerland will assist me in accomplishing my goal to become a successful, innovative professional. Five years from now, I envisage myself as a professional FM manager in a leading real estate company or in a leading corporate real estate department of the global corporate. My long term goal is lecturing facility and property management after gaining experiences in management and leadership from the corporate world. In the context there are lack of professionals in this field in Vietnam at the moment while the property development is growing significantly, I would definitely provide the young professionals in Vietnam all I know about facility and property management in my 50s.

Due to the mentioned factors above, I would therefore feel obliged to be able to secure the admission of this master course. If I get the opportunity to be part of this intellectually stimulating learning environment, I am sure to bring my related experience at Standard Chartered Bank to classes and introduce the cordially Vietnamese culture, the country and the people to my international classmates. Asian are thought to be shy however four years at the international bank trained me to be socialized, networking person. Therefore I confidently commit to contribute my opinion, ideas and creativity during the course. I am sure that my talent and creativity will be put to optimal use once I have the opportunity to study at ZHAW.

Please kindly find enclosed the two recommendation letters and other required documents for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing your admission decision in the soon time hence I would be able to plan my housing and trip to Switzerland in the early time.

Should you have any further question related to any point of this letter, please do not hesitated to contact me.

Thank you very much for your consideration.
niesaysi 16 / 290 85  
May 15, 2014   #2
I would firmly become and an English teacher or a translator.
a unique chance to support... You must use article "a" (consonant sound;though 'unique' starts with a vowel letter.)

Though I found it fun to be a part of the team, communicating with different people from different departments.

This lacks with a verb to be a sentence.
What impressed me that is that the program structure and direction match the fields I've worked.

please do not hesitated to contact me.
niesaysi 16 / 290 85  
May 15, 2014   #3
I would firmly become and an English teacher or a translator.

I would firmly become an English teacher or a translator.
OP PHUONG VU 2 / 5  
May 15, 2014   #4
Thank you Niesaysi so much. I didn't recognize these mistakes even though I read my letter again and again :)
Your response is very appreciated!!


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