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Motivation letter of a PhD program in Material sciences and material nanoanalysis

TheEvilMonk 1 / 1  
Jun 29, 2020   #1

my interest in applying for the Ph.D. program

Hello everyone,
Below is motivation letter for a PhD program in the field of material science. I genuinely would appreciate any correction, remark, critique.
Thank you

I would like to express my high interest in applying for the Ph.D. program titled "............" offered by your esteemed institution. My decision for applying is the result of my long-term interest in the field of material science and the desire to contribute to the development of new, innovative and advanced materials to tackle to modern challenges.

I started my academic career studying Physics of Matter: Materials Science as my majors at the"............", in which we focused on the fundamental aspects of physics. Back then, I chose this field because I had a small insight into how much fundamental physics can affect the flow of scientific research and innovation for the better. Now, I genuinely believe that this statement could not have been more true. Thanks to this I was received the rudiment and became acquainted with the basic aspects of various thematics of physics including, crystallography, solid state physics, quantum physics, statistical physics, condensed matter physics, theory of materials, electromagnetism, etc.

I pursued my master's program "Material Science: Instrumentation and Measurements" at the faculty"............", where we have dived into more specialized fields, to name a few, semiconductor technology in electronics, polymers for optoelectronics, materials for energy storage and conversion. Furthermore, we have particularly focused on the theoretical aspects of interaction between particles and matter and the applications of this in different research fields, specifically spectroscopic characterization and microscopic instruments as well as deposition techniques. All that has given me the unique opportunity to build strong understanding of wide variety of elaboration and synthesis techniques (chemical and physical); as well as a thorough understanding of an extremely essential aspect of R&D: characterization and failure analysis, that goes from the basic knowledge of the instrument's setup, working principal, the sample preparation protocols, all the way to the interpretation of analysis and circumventing any artifacts or distortion that can originate from either the inherent aspects of interaction between particles and matter or can be due to some malfunctioning in the instrument itself. Indubitably, this is where good knowledge of fundamental physics plays out, as it typically ensures the adequate interpretation of the results. I believe that every aspect of these skills shall further develop working by your side.

I am doing my master's program final internship at the "............", a research platform for solar energy to work on my thesis. I am working on conceptualizing and optimizing two photoelectrodes for a photoelectrochemical cell for hydrogen production and wastewater treatment. It is such an amazing opportunity for me to work in very favorable conditions, including a cleanroom environment in which I am performing different clearing procedures, and using depositing techniques such as CVD, PECVD, ALD, Inkjet printing. Additionally, I also perform analysis using variety of techniques, namely, SEM-EDX, GA-XRD, SIMS, Ellipsometry, Raman, FTIR, EPR, HPLC-MS, Micro-XRF.

My professional goal is to be a foremost lecturer, researcher and consultant in the field of materials science with particular interest in materials micro and nano analysis, as it is safe to say that had been exposed to the reality and demand of my choice of career. Undoubtedly, I am optimistic that your program shall be a huge step towards the achievement of this dream. I am beyond excited at the prospect of committing to an academically rigorous setting and work as Ph.D. student in one of the most respected institutes of scientific research. I believe this to be my chance to enrich my knowledge and to give me the framework to utilize my full potentials.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I am eager to learn more about this opportunity and share how I might be a good fit for your team.

I am looking forward to hearing a positive response from you.

Respectfully yours

nabhila 3 / 5 3  
Jun 29, 2020   #2

I think you can you sharpen your motivation letter by providing :
1. More reason on how this program can help you achieve your goals, you can do this by digging more onto the program offered and relate specifically towards your career ambition

2. It should have the right balance between : your background, your future plan, and why you're keen to join this program and how it can help advancing your career --> currently the background overpower the other points

3. Also be specific on why you want this program, what sets it apart with others, and how by looking into the course it can help advance your career

3. I couldn't help but to notice that you often use "we" in the 4th paragraph, you can directly use "I" as the subject since it's your experience and doesn't involve the PHD Program you're aiming for

Hope this help, good luck! :)
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,752 3084  
Jun 29, 2020   #3
Put a pin in this essay and use it as a personal statement if required for the application. It is not a motivation letter. Since this is an application for acceptance to PhD studies, your motivation must be more than just undergraduate and masters research based. By this point, you should have a solid advanced reason for your studies based on observations developed during your master thesis research or, in relation to your current occupation. Of your final career goal is to become a lecturer, researcher, and consultant, then you have to discuss your motivation for each career path. What is it about each career path that excites you? Would you consider that a strong motivation that will push you to finish the course?

Basically, a motivation letter should represent the learning opportunities that you took advantage of as a masters student in relation to advanced studies as a PhD student. You should show a continued relationship between your unfinished research (masters) and the reasons why you feel the need to continue the research (PhD). What is the ultimate outcome you hope to provide upon completion of your studies (motivation)?

These reasons should be supported by a discussion about why you believe the university is the right choice for you. Why this university for your PhD studies? Talk about the academic and practical reasons for your university choice. Research opportunities provided to PhD students would be the best way to discuss that part of the essay.
OP TheEvilMonk 1 / 1  
Jun 29, 2020   #4

Your pertinent remarks are highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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