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Study permit Canada: Study Plan. Cultural, Social, Political Thought Major - Lethbridge University

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Jun 5, 2017   #1

Study permit Canada: Study Plan

I have been accepted PhD admission with Cultural, Social, Political Thought Major in the University of Lethbridge, Canada with a scholarship of $20,200.This program is interdisciplinary in nature concerning the local knowledge, social, political and environmental issues towards sustainable development and emphasizing the intellectual and practical tools needed to work successfully with community partners and agencies to facilitate social change. My proposed PhD research will focus on how the community partners/agencies like Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) develop knowledge about environmental issues such as climate change, how they manage this knowledge through their organisation and how this is transmitted through their programmes and projects. The study will explore the pathways through which this knowledge shapes climate smart development practices. This research theme is completely well matched with the programme research line and it expresses deliberately my passion to work with local people and local bodies to forward social development.

While studying of my Bachelor and Masters, I used to learn about environmental governance, role of Government and NGOs, planning and development. Through developing theoretical background, non-government sectors always draw my attention in order to see their activities at field. I worked with NGOs with their several projects such as education with disabled persons, right for hermaphrodites, women's early marriage and livelihood opportunities for rural development. I learnt how to expose myself to a variety of work situations, especially, when I worked with thirty five disabled persons asking financial assistance through collecting fund for the development of their education. In fact, this situation gave me the opportunity to understand the development in practice. Also, my masters' research focused on the issue of governance of NGOs covering the area of gender development and poverty alleviation activities by NGOs in Bangladesh. More importantly, my another MSc. in Regional and Rural Development Planning in AIT, Thailand with a full scholarship with a graduate research explored the issues of stakeholder participation mechanism especially NGOs/CSOs in decision making of climate change and environmental management. During the past five years of teaching, I took several courses of urban and regional studies which had a great affiliation to social sciences issues. Since this PhD program emphasizes comprehensive expertise and advanced ability to research in the interdisciplinary area of cultural, social and political thought, it will be a right choice which will allow me to bring the expertise in the classroom after receiving PhD. Therefore, my ultimate educational goal is to earn a PhD as academic achievement and also try my hand at doing research regularly to become update in my field.

As my proposed research will look at both of Canada and Bangladesh, it will be a great opportunity to exchange knowledge between two countries. On the other hand, Canada will provide more professional skill as a developed country, sowing new idea, modern technology and methodology which actually meet my interest all in the aim of being a knowledgeable.

Upon completion of my PhD, I will back to Bangladesh and join the teaching. With my PhD in hand, I will have more competitive managerial and analytical skills. These skills will directly benefit my students in Bangladesh. On the other hand, this degree will give me a career maturity to being a Professor.

As demonstrated, I am a devoted teacher, looking to improve my knowledge and research capabilities, I do feel that Canada will create an upward trajectory for my career path.
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Jun 6, 2017   #2
Lopa, a study plan is not a summary of your past academic experiences. Rather, it is a look as to how you plan to utilize your time as a student in Canada. You will have access to various study venues and be allowed to experience hands-on training during your masters studies. So the consul will need to get an idea as to how you plan to utilize that study period while you are there. The discussion for this all goes back to the purpose for your study. What was the compelling reason that you felt a need to enroll in a PhD course? What else is lacking in your education? Normally, a PhD student has a completed masters thesis in his pocket. The study plan for your PhD course should help you to either build upon new information, based upon the thesis, or, develop a dissertation proposal that covers a new area of study for you. Then you have to explain how studying these courses or completing the research will help you in your future workplace. The study plan tells the consul that you are someone who is serious about your academics and will be returning to your country immediately after because of the importance of your study plan to your home country workplace. Develop a new study plan. One that really outlines a research focused discussion in relation to your thesis or fresh dissertation proposal. It is unfortunate that you cannot use any of the content that you have currently written. This essay doesn't deliver the requirements of a proper study plan. Specially one that will be reviewed by an embassy representative.

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