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UNIPDU FT-D A letter to Wakid; I heard you are working in Tanggerang

Jombang 26 October 2016
Dear Nur Wakid
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb
Hey Wakid, i heard you now working at tanggerang, i hope you have a time to read my letter and i hope you also have a time to reply it and i hope you are healty as well

After graduated on my vocational high school, i decide to continue to study at Unipdu Jombang, i still live on my parents house, my house is in a small village, so i feel comfortable with the environment, my house is not big, and also not small, my house has a small backyard, and i use to raising rabbits, in front of my house there is a huge field, so my house had a beautiful scenery at morning, i hope you still playing games, so sometimes if you back to jombang you can join me to play together, i hope you can tell me how is your enviroment. Sent my regards to your friends at tangerang.


Hi Ersa,
Welcome to EF! :)

I have reworked your letter and done some alterations to help you. I hope this can be helpful towards your future practices later on. Avoid repetitiveness by using some synonyms like what I've done.

Jombang, 26 October 2016

Dear Nur Wakid
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Hey Wakid, I heard you are working in Tangerang. I hope you have time to read and reply my letter. I also hope that you are healthy as well.

After graduating from my vocational high school, I decided to continue to study at UNIPDU Jombang. I still live in my parents' house. It is in a small village, so I feel comfortable with the environment. My house is not that big, but also not that small. I have a small backyard there which I usually use that place to raise my rabbits. Fortunately, there is a huge field in front of my house, so I can see spectacular scenery in the morning. I am waiting for you here to play together with me. Please tell me how the condition of your environment is. Also, send my regards to your friends in Tangerang.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Best Wishes,
October 18, 2016
My friend,
M. Ersa Rusbianto

Hi Ersa, I'm fine thank you. Yes indeed i've stayed in Tangerang, but now i've moved into my home and live with my parents.

My hose is quiet atmosphere because it is close to the mosque, many people passing by went to a mosque. State residents around me are not too dense, as separated by many trees and gardens. With so many trees in my house into the cool air does not feel as hot as in urban areas. There is a unique tradition in my village, every week is held nightly patrols activities in turns. And i had a turn patrolling the night every Friday. I have many pets, such as chickens and cats, you should here if you want. I'll show you my pet. Oh yes, now i has not played the game yet, so sorry we can't play game together, but don't worry we can still meet at another time to talk about our hobby.

Thank you for sending me letter. I am very happy to receive a letter from you. It means you not forget me, see you next time Ersa.


Nur Wakid
thank you mate, i'll learn everything about my mistakes :)
and i hope you do not mind if i copy ur text to complete my test, but i also add new sentence to avoid cheating XD

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