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our contribution to air pollution

Amiles4508 1 / -  
Apr 27, 2024   #1
One of the main topics in today's concerns is air pollution. Air pollution poses a huge threat to human health, and the environment that we live in. From the exhaust fumes of automobiles to the vast amounts of harsh fuels emitted into the air by industrial factories, there are many sources in the world that contribute to the decreasing quality of the air that we breathe.

Through many articles, this research paper is the result of gathering the most important information, aiming to inform families about just how dangerous air pollution can be to themselves and the people around them. This paper aims to explore the impacts, causes, and solutions to air pollution, bringing the underlying complexities to light.

Air pollution is caused by a number of things. The most common are heavy machinery, use of gas in automobiles, and household pollutants.
A) heavy machinery is used all around the world today. It has become a huge part of the market industry, supporting huge businesses and companies with fast paced production of their products. It uses Many different types of fuel, most commonly using coal or gasoline. These chemicals are then put into the air. according to swisscontact.org, " the engine of these vehicles, emit harmful pollutants, which affect air quality by contributing to air pollution." Shockingly, the industrial market is only 7% of today's production of goods. However, it is estimated, according to scmo.net, That there are about 10 million factories around the world. These factories produce very harmful fumes at very high amounts. On the more dull side, another source of harmful fume productions is households.

B) Households can seem like a small portion of the issue, however, days can significantly impact and contribute to air pollution, even with every day activities. According to the website "Environmental Protection Agency," many household activities can contribute to air pollution. Firstly, burning trash or other household waste including coal, wood or plastics can release harmful pollutants. There can be many instances where household can forget food on the stove, or accidentally leaving the oven on, which can greatly contribute to air pollution. That is why it is crucial to always keep an eye on appliances in one's house. The average family keeps their house clean by using a variety of different chemical products. For instance, most common cleaning chemical for bathrooms is bleach. These chemicals are used almost daily in this households. The chemical particles and then emitted into the air. Some chemicals are not meant to be mixed, unbeknownst to most families. These dangerous chemical mixtures can create an unsafe environment for the families in the home. It can cause respiratory issues, and maybe even lead to more medical problems. Another cause of respiratory issues is gasoline, which is used by automobiles.

C) automobiles are one of the main contributors to air pollution in the US today. According to ucsusa.org, when cars are dirty, they produce harmful fuels into the air, which pollute the air. These harmful pollutants can cause many people to have respiratory problems or even cause serious health problems when breathing these toxins in. One of the pollutants from vehicle exhaust is called carbon monoxide. " When inhaled, CO blocks oxygen from the brain, heart, and other vital organs."(Union of Concerned Scientists, 2008 jul. 23) vehicle exhaust also contributes to climate change, which is a huge problem. We are having more intense heat waves as climate change keeps progressing. It is a risk to people with health problems, and children.

The average family household contains many different fuel systems and other things that contribute to air pollution.
A) According to the article titled, "Household Air Pollution," (who.int, 2023, dec 15) "about 2.3 billion people worldwide cook using open fire or inefficient stoves fueled by kerosene, biomass, and coal, which generates harmful household air pollution. Now a common thing to happen while cooking, is to accidentally catch something on fire, or drop food on the hot stove. These actions would typically cause that person to open a window to ventilate their house. Thus, emitting the harmful chemicals into the air outside. Another situation that could cause someone to need to ventilate their house is the mixing of dangerous chemicals.

B) Cleaning products and scented deodorizers are used in daily cleaning tasks around family houses. One of the most commonly used is bleach. These fumes pollute the household air. Ncbi.mlm.nih.gov states multiple occurrences of reported health problems caused by being in a room during or after it has been cleaned with these products. These products are made with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to human health. Reactions to these products can range from asthma attacks, to fatal lung diseases.

There are many actions we as humans can take to make the quality of air safer, and more effective. Some of these actions include reducing the amount of gas used for transportation, using energy efficient appliances, conserving energy, and much more.

A) Transportation has advanced overtime as cities grew and populations multiplied. Using public transportation like buses or trains can overall reduce pollution levels. Sharing rides with people going to the same destination can reduce the amount of fuel being used. This can also reduce the amount of cars on the roads, which can decrease traffic.

B) Recycling trash is an eco-friendly tactic of disposing waste. Burning things like plastics, paper, and more can emit harmful chemicals into the air. Thus polluting the air, and could potentially cause health problems. Instead of disposing of items by burning them, recycling can minimize waste, overall taking away from these impacts.

In conclusion, there are many ways that we all contribute to air pollution, whether it be from automobiles, households, or factories.By implementing measures such as reducing reliance on fuels, using cleaner alternatives, and recycling, we can significantly reduce pollution and improve our air quality. Together, we can create a more healthy, sustainable world to benefit all. Of us.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 4, 2024   #2
I believe that you are presenting a research paper outline with this presentation. Am I right? If so, then there is a problem with the way that you are presenting the outline. You delivered several sets of information sources, all with varied reports and results. It would appear that each aspect is a separate research paper. So each field of interest should have a different thesis statement in relation to how it contributes to air pollution. You should include a reference to the various types of air pollution as it relates to the pollution source. While the paper itself is well outlined, the co-relation would be better served by having discussions that would relate the different hypothesis posed by each pollution contributor.

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