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trying to make a survey (information on tutoring during summer)

hakimhusein 6 / 10  
Jul 29, 2011   #1
Hello everyone, I am trying to develop a survey to ask students if they received the proper resources they needed to have a chance at succeeding in summer school courses. Summer school courses are already stressful enough being so compressed and the combination of this and not having proper resources may lead to (trying to determine this through the survey) students doing poorly.

Background: With any university, there are going to be less students during the summer then the fall and spring semesters. With that said, their are less resources in the summer which means there's less tutors available for students struggling to understand the subject.

I am wondering if you can please give me any feedback to potentially help clarify a question or take out pieces of information you feel is irrelevant etc. Also, if anyone would recommend a website to create the online survey (I don't mind paying for it) I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Your feedback is strictly confidential and anonymous. This will solely be used to improve the summer courses offered at BLANK University.

1. What summer school course(s) are you taking or already taken? (please indicate what course)

Summer I Summer II

2. Did you try to seek help through tutoring for the course(s)? If so, please specify through what resource. For EX: SLAC

Yes No, but did need help. No, didn't require help.

3. If you did seek help, did you receive the help needed to succeed in the course?

Yes No

4. How would you rate the availability of tutors during the summer sessions?

Very satisfied Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Satisfied Not at All Satisfied

4. What grade are you making in the course(s) or grade for completed course(s)?

A B C D F I'd rather not say

5. Please use the space below to give any feedback you may have to improve on campus tutoring during summer sessions.
Roger Bishop - / 13  
Jul 30, 2011   #2

1 Gender: M F

2 Are you a: Undergraduate Post graduate

3 What year of the program are you in:

4 Have you previously taken summer school programs : Y N (If no; go to question #8 )

5 In previous summer programs was tutorial assistance required: Y N

6 If yes, was it available: Y N

7 If yes, what was your satisfaction level:
1Very Satisfied 2 Satisfied 3 Acceptable 4 Dissatisfied 5 Very Dissatisfied.

8 Are you planning to do summer sessions this year: Y N

9 If yes, will you require tutorial assistance: Yes Unknown Probably Not

10 If yes, have you made arrangement for a tutor yet Y N

11 Do you think that tutorial assistance will be available Y Unknown N

Hi Hakim
Usually surveys attempt to slot people by gender, age and so on, in this case UG and PG as it helps to focus your research. I did this very quickly and by any stretch of the imagination it is not "the perfect survey" but I hope that it will provide you with some additional think points. Good luck. RB

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