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Research writing assignment on influence of family and friends on teenagers

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Nov 6, 2019   #1

Family and Peer Influences on Adolescents

Adolescents are defined as people between 10 to 19 years old, which is considered as the most sensitive time in a person's life. During this period, parents and peers have considerable influences on youngsters. How teenagers are impacted by family and friends is quite different in terms of selecting career and shaping behavior.

When looking at family, its impacts on career-related decision and manner formation are complex, which begin from birth and are carried into the transition to adulthood .First and foremost, parents influence juveniles' career choice both intentionally and inadvertently. By the time children reach adolescent stage, they begin seriously considering their future, often looking on their parents either as role models or career counsellors (Pablo, R., & Drobot, L., 2010). The way parents approach this can encourage teenagers to explore a variety of potential occupations or stick them to an intended path. For instance, if a female adolescent does not see any female engineers in her hometown, and is pressured by her parents to pursue careers in more gender-biased roles (such as nursing or secretarial work) , will not typically believe that becoming an engineer is a possibility for herself (Clutter, 2010). Moreover, family is considered as the major source of reinforcement of teenagers' manner. Parents serve as role models for their children in imparting appropriate behavior, so family structures affect partly the development of youngsters. According to Loke & Mak (2013), it may be said that the children of divorced parents display a lower level of conduct and delinquent behavior when compared to the children from intact families. Parenting style, whether is high or low control and support, is also taken into account.The adolescents who have less supervised time from their parents have higher tendency to use substance than those with more controlled time from their parents. A study showed that juveniles who characterized their parents as neglectful were more likely to have tried smoking (OR = 4.27) and illicit drugs (OR = 3.34) than adolescents with warm and directive parents (Loke & Mak, 2013).

Peer pressure plays an indispensable role in shaping the teenagers' career decision-making and behavior modification. Regarding career choices, when communicating together, teenagers have a tendency to share important information such as salary, promotion or competition. For this reason, individuals can consider whether this position is suitable or not and be more decisive to adopt their dream career. Statistics from a research reveals that 70% students concur with the sentiment on peer assistance in career decision making to a greater extent and 25% believe it to some extent (Naz, et al. 2014). Correspondingly, the percentage of students approving of the position that peer group assists in earning tendencies is 80% higher extent (Naz, et al. 2014). Additionally, friends have profound impacts on adolescents' behaviors. Juveniles can be impinged by their peers to engage in unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, alcohol use or aggressive behaviors. In particular, the main motivation for their drinking is related to social events with friends because drinking is supposed to help relax or facilitate sharing experiences and feeling (Tomé, et al. 2012). However, friendship can motivate youngsters to study harder or participate in social activities. Adolescents with reciprocal friendships mention high levels of sense of belonging in school; customarily, it can have positive effects in teenagers' academic results (Tomé, et al. 2012).

In conclusion, family and companions exert significant influences on teenagers in respect of career orientation and behavior formation. Regardless of their positive and adverse impacts, both factors contribute greatly to teenagers' growth.


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Hi there. Welcome to the forum! Thanks for being around. I hope that the feedback you receive here becomes helpful for your writing endeavors. Please do not hesitate to approach us for additional details should you have more questions.

First and foremost, the first paragraph still is lacking from the get-go. Especially because you immediately jumped into a fact before giving out information on what the primary context of the writing is. If you are able to explicate a little bit more before you move forward with writing, it will drastically improve the appeal of your work.

Furthermore, remember that, when you are writing, it is critical that you are able to sparingly use citations. For example, in your second paragraph, cramming everything into one chunk of text like this will not work in your favor. You have to give ample space for discussion. This means that, after each citation, you should be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of the details that you have laid out.

Try to also maximize the potential of your conclusion by not merely focusing on just one string of text. Rather, it is imperative that you include here a more integrated analysis of the work itself. Remember that you have to be more specific with the details that you lay out even if it's for the concluding remarks in order to help readers better fathom what they can anticipate from the text.

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