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AAS - teaching is my passion; pursuing master's degree in applied linguistics with TESOL

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Apr 4, 2019   #1

How will the proposed study contribute to your career?

Some information regarding the essay.
1. This is the second question I have to answer to apply for the AAS scholarship.
2. The first one asks how I chose the institutions and courses, and this one asks how the study will contribute to my career.
3. Is the essay below good enough to answer the question?
Thanks a lot.

As I have stated in the previous question, teaching is my passion. I want to be a great role model for my students. It is personally satisfying for me to see my students' positive feedbacks when they learn something new from me. The feedback could be a smile, giggle, classroom participation or even a simple nod while learning. Although I haven't taught at any professional levels, I have taught English at two different places voluntarily and my students seemed to enjoy learning from me. They gave positive feedbacks that I have mentioned.

However, after some meetings, I started to feel that I was getting boring for them. They did not seem as enthusiastic as they used to be and honestly, it was saddening. This is one of the reasons I intend to pursue my master's degree in applied linguistics with TESOL specialization at Macquarie University. I believe that some courses will be beneficial for me, such as Language Teaching Methodologies which will equip me with more sophisticated knowledge in terms of language teaching; Teaching English for Academic Purposes which will specifically sharpen my ability to teach English; and Practicum in TESOL which will provide me a chance to implement the acquired knowledge and theories directly in the classrooms.

Another reason is that I also aspire to be a lecturer in the teaching field. After obtaining the knowledge from the proposed university, I intend to share the methods or theories I have learned to my future students in order to sharpen their skills in terms of teaching because I have had some teachers whose teaching methods were not interesting and made me lose the interest to study. I definitely do not want my students to repeat this cycle. In short, I believe that with great role models, comes great future role models.
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Apr 5, 2019   #2
I would suggest a different opening than what you have know. It's a bit odd to start your essay (regardless if it's linked to a different one) with mentioning that you had already uttered it. To make the flow a bit better, I would suggest that you look into mentioning an anecdote. You had already started your essay through stating that you admire the quirks coming from your student. Can you recall a specific instance that this had lured you to the job? If you can do that, it would be a more specific and substantiated format of what you have now.

Moreover, I would also suggest that you should not put yourself down in the essay. Look for alternatives with your thoughts. For instance, instead of mentioning that you feel as though your work output is becoming boring, you could mention that you are simply looking into ways to make your work more optimistic and forward-looking.

Ultimately what I would suggest is that you attempt to be more specific with your essay. Mention specific portions of the course that excite you. Mention which portions you wish to improve on. Mention more anecdotes. Make it as personal and intimate as possibly can.

Best of luck.
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Apr 5, 2019   #3
After re-reading, I now agree with you. It does sound odd, a bit too odd probably. I have also looked for a meaning of anecdotes and it turned out that the real meaning of it is slightly different from what it really means. Now I understand what you have been saying all these times regarding anecdotes.

I agree with that too. I wouldn't want my future sponsors to think that I am a pessimistic person. I will try to find a way to convey what I wanted to convey better.

I will try to do that. I will expand more thoughts about the courses and possible future impacts on me.

Thank you so much. :)

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