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Business Management (finance) - scholarship study plan

vanya1999 1 / -  
Oct 27, 2019   #1

application essay for Master's Degree in Business Management

study plan
I would like to apply for the Master's Degree in Business Management (finance) in Christ because of my keen lifelong interest in the world of business and commerce. My internships and studies in the commerce field developed a huge thirst for knowledge in me. I desire to work with the government sector and bring in an impactful change in areas of commerce, finance and industry. The fast-growing economy, technological advancements and the global ranking education at christ University with its high reputation make a great aspiration for me.

Perusing masters from University will give me a good understanding of financial theory and analysis, knowledge of accounting information, its use in financial decision-making and financial markets and ability to practically apply the analysis developed in the course

In the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in commerce (B.com), I studied various subjects like business organization management, Microeconomics, Accountancy, E-commerce, advertising audit and corporate governance, Computer applications in business, Maths and stats. Among all these Accountancy and business management fascinated me a lot. Learning a vast practical approach under fields of accountancy like cost, corporate and financial accounts was quite challenging but in the end, they created a great interest in the subject. Business studies and management was a core subject in my senior secondary as well and scoring 97% in it made it more fascinating to me.

Study plan
During 1st year of my studies, I would try to reinforce my knowledge and understanding and would collect overview information of the semester and build up a strong foundation for the subject while working on it according to what is taught in the lectures.

2nd year
I would work on the cores and electives and would deepen my understanding and would try to use my knowledge practically and find solutions to real-world business

After the successful completion of my master's studies, I wish to be able to take part in magnificently maximizing my country's research in such fields to benefit its economy and enhance the standard of living.

My desire through this scholarship is to learn new things and work out of my comfort zone. I will work hard, thrive for the best grow and would try my level best to contribute and give back to my country and the University community.
Maria - / 1,098 389  
Oct 31, 2019   #2
Hello there. Thanks for coming to the forum. Hopefully, this feedback will help you learn more.

First and foremost, while. I appreciate the first paragraph, it is noticeable how you could have shortened and created a brief version of this text. Remember that it is critical for you to write everything as concise as possible, especially when you're working within word counts.

Furthermore, the latter parts of the essay contain minor mistakes when it comes to the subject and verb agreement. Always check the technicality of your writing.

When you're trying to explain specific courses, stick with the core values that they teach rather than a generalized writing approach to everything. Bear this in mind when you are writing.

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