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Risk and resource management - Scholarship Essay - Study Plan

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Nov 17, 2023   #1
Hello. I am planning to apply for a scholarship program. Please kindly review my application.

After four years of studying at university, I finally obtained a bachelor's degree in marine science in 2017 from Padjadjaran University with cum laude predicate. Apart from taking part in classical learning activities, I filled my college years by being active in the marine research community. The knowledge and experience I gained from this community honed my skills in marine research and scientific writing. One of my works is an international scientific journal entitled "Microplastics Patch based on hydrodynamic modeling in the northern Indramayu, Java Sea" which was published in 2019.

The experience in research encouraged me to become more involved in actual practice in the field. Finally, I obtained a position as a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Analyst at the regional unit of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF). As a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Analyst, I am responsible for monitoring organizational performance and overall program alignment. Routinely and periodically, I measure the progress of each activity and present recommendations as a continuous improvement effort. Apart from that, to support the accountability of our working unit, I also prepared detailed reports, analyses, and supporting materials that describe our role in managing coastal and marine areas. Apart from monitoring the achievement of performance targets, I also actively monitor and evaluate coastal community groups in our work region. These community groups are our leading partners in promoting conservation and resource management efforts in the field.

While serving at MMAF, I combined the experience and knowledge I gained while active in the research community to carry out monitoring and evaluation functions. So far, actively monitoring the programs has given me a greater understanding of the conditions of coastal and marine areas and the challenges in managing them. To fully support MMAF in carrying out its duties and functions, I aspire to improve my abilities as an evaluator by sharpening my analytical thinking and exploring aspects of environmental, social, cultural, and economic vulnerability, along with strategic efforts to support sustainable resource management. Therefore, I chose the Master of Development Studies, Bandung Institute of Technology, and the Master of International Development Practice, Monash University to study these skills. These two programs can give me new insights regarding sustainable development practices that can be implemented at MMAF. In the future, I will use this knowledge to design and develop the strategies needed to manage coastal and marine resources effectively by considering ecological aspects and encouraging the development of coastal community livelihoods.

As part of my efforts to deepen my knowledge, I plan to take the topic of Community-Based Mangrove Ecotourism Development and Its Influence in Mitigating Natural Disasters in Coastal Areas for my final assignment. So far, I have interacted a lot with community groups in coastal areas, especially groups that are active in the field of conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems. By taking this topic, I hope to understand the critical aspects that need to be considered to assess, measure, and evaluate the development of mangrove ecotourism as an effort to manage sustainable resources. Apart from that, I also hope to be able to explore things that need to be considered in implementing community-based disaster risk reduction.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,918 4798  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
which was published in 2019.

Kindly indicate which journal it was published in, the publication date, volume, and series number for the reference of the reviewer. he may wish to check on the validity of your claim.

Therefore, I chose ...community livelihoods.

I am not sure why you decided to discuss this in the presentation. It is not a requirement that can be found in the writing response instructions. As such, the reviewer could disregard this aspect of your statement. You only needed to write 3 paragraphs to completely respond to the requirements. There was no need to justify your university choices. This portion can be deleted from the presentation. Move up the current last paragraph to properly merge with the current third paragraph and you should be set with a complete response aligned with the information requirements.

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