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Community development courses - Why did you choose your proposed course and institution?

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Mar 26, 2022   #1

explaining the study of choice

To create a strong foundation for a nation's development, community development is key to improving the lives of its citizens. As I have been volunteering in a university charity club since 2013 and participating in social awareness campaigns, I've realised how the community needs to improve their welfare and get involved in the development.

For a developing country like Myanmar, where I am from and where the country's development has been destroyed over and over again under the military rules, basic people are facing poverty and having low education and living standard because of mismanagement, corruption and dishonesty, insecurities of social and economic condition to the people. Therefore, our country needs young people who can make changes and lead communities to take part in the country's development, and I want to be one of these leaders.

Thus, I decided to apply to study International Community Development at Victoria University as my first preference based on my passion and my volunteering experience. When I did some research on this course, I found its industry-focused courses attracted me to study this, with interesting core subjects and elective subjects there. In addition, with its revolutionary method of learning and teaching, excellent facilities, services and support, I believe I will have an excellent environment to study harder for my masters degree.

Furthermore, another university that comes to my attention is Murdoch University, a research-led university in Perth. I chose it as my second preference to study community development. I believe its unusual approach to education, down-to-earth students and its green environment with beautiful native bush land will enable me to study actively without any difficulties and help me to meet my study goals.

In conclusion, as Australia is one of the countries that offers community development courses with attractive education, I have no doubts of supporting the improvement of the lives of individuals within my community. Besides, I expect that studying in Australia, where the education system is one of the most successful in the world, would allow me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge that I can use to make changes and develop communities in my home country. With this masters degree combined with Australia Awards, I strongly believe that I can contribute my abilities, skills, knowledge and experiences to people's awareness and building their capacity for the improvement of their communities.
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Mar 26, 2022   #2
AAS is focused on the development of industry leaders in relation to the development goals of the country and career advancement of the applicant. By indicating that you want to study these courses based solely on your spirit of volunteerism and community service, the reviewer may decide that your intentions are good but the lack of relevant work experience will prove to be a problem.

How do the course choices relate to your non- community service background? There is no reference to how or why you should be considered as prepared to take or study these courses. Your excitement to learn is negated by your lack of relevant undergraduate studies. While the intention to study is strong, your qualifiers are non-existent. You may not qualify for any of the programs you have chosen.
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Mar 26, 2022   #3
Do you mean I need to add my work experiences?

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