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"Ph.D degree in a related subdiscipline in civil engineering" - Chevening: post-study career plan.

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Oct 24, 2016   #1
Nigeria,among other African countries, boasts of vast resources and enormous manpower. Unfortunately, it has failed to effectively utilize its resources and manpower for the attainment of a sound and a highly developed nation of its dream, as far as the construction sector is concerned. The terrible state of the construction sector questions the authority and competence of her construction professionals (particularly the civil engineers, since they work at the highest level of design and are responsible for planning of large infrastructural projects which involve solutions to complex problems). Poor designs, use of adulterated construction materials, preference for quacks over construction professionals, little recognition for the civil engineering profession and inferiority complex among civil engineers are many a problem and challenges militating against effective civil engineering practices. I believe that my post graduate studies in the UK will serve to better sharpen my team working ability, problem-solving and creative skills to be able to make significant contributions to the problems afflicting the construction sector in my country.

I aspire to, immediately after my postgraduate study, join the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and the Nigerian Institute of Civil Engineers where I can put my analytical and problem-solving skills, by synergizing and seeking professional consultations from contemporary as well as more experienced engineers, to efficient use in investigating and preferring solutions to construction problems frustrating economical development in the country. By increasing in rank from a member to a fellow in NSE, I can be well assured of gaining more power and authority to address construction problems and positively influence both engineering and civil engineering practices. In fact, by becoming a fellow , I intend to work towards the improvement of the engineering education in polytechnics and universities. In addition, it is my utmost desire to help ameliorate the popular difficulty faced by Nigerian graduate engineers in securing a place in engineering environments for their one-year youth service to their country.

Five years after my postgraduate study, I intend to further earn a Ph.D degree in a related subdiscipline in civil engineering. Being a student of knowledge who derives much fulfillment and satisfaction from helping others grow academically, I desire to, as part of my longer term career goals, to establish a guidance and counselling organisation whose major aims will be to help final-year undergraduate civil engineering students locate their areas of interest in the vast field of civil engineering and to sensitize them about the career prospects within their field.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,325 3356  
Oct 24, 2016   #2
Alao, in my opinion, you should just work on further developing the last two paragraphs of your study plan essay. That is because these paragraphs clearly represent your post study plans. Much unlike your current opening paragraph that delivers a general comment about the state of Nigeria but barely relates any connection with your post study career plan. Your career plan essay doesn't have to fall within a present number of paragraphs. The more direct to the point and short your response is, the more memorable it could be for the reviewer. Keep in mind that your first paragraph was only meant as an introduction to the actual response but in its current state, all it will succeed in doing is convincing the reviewer to move on to the next applicant because the first paragraph did not provide a clear insight into the foundation of your post study career plan.

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