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Erasmus Mundus BIM+ Master Motivation letter

afaf_93 2 / 5  
Jan 28, 2019   #1

A letter describing the motivations and goals of your participation in the Masters course.

"I am seeker of practical knowledge" that is how I define myself, as an Engineer I seek to expand my knowledge in my study field on a professional and academic level. By writing this letter explaining my full potential and my future ambitions to make a difference in Libya and worldwide, because it is my time to demonstrate the extent of my abilities and enhance my knowledge by being a part of the BIM A+ master program.

I considered studying my master degree in University of xxxxx but the courses offered are extremely limited and not interesting, consequently I started to expand my search to study abroad. I have been fortunate to encounter the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program in Advanced Master's in Building Information Modelling, where it is one of the most promising techs in the construction industry around the world.

my country rely on foreigner companies for all of the giant construction project because there is shortage in human resource such as qualified design engineers and managerial professionals. For example, there are several buildings still not finished in University of xxxx for more than 8 years, due to companies evacuated after the events in 2011, also because of the unstable country situation most of the companies did not return to complete their projects. From this point of view, it is crucial for qualified Libyan engineers to satisfy my country demands in the field of construction. I am highly encouraged to be one of those engineers who will elevate my country to the next level.

I have been a Junior Project Manager at xxxx Company and gained skills that made me reinforce my future career goal. Training a number of the staff members ensured me to discover my leadership skills and improve them. Moreover, I gained the ability to adapt to changing criteria in work environment which was stimulating for me, and found desire to work under challenging conditions, from this discovery passion is driving me toward a profession as a Structural Design Engineer, it is the ideal job position for me that stimulates both creative thinking to solve problems of different structures and flexibility to deal with the changing work criteria.

The privilege of receiving this scholarship will advance my future career as Structural Design Engineer using BIM technology because it is offered by leading universities in the field, that will enhance my chances for professional opportunities joining the international construction industry. It is my goal to be an important member of an international leading company like xxxxx or a local company in my country and bridging it with international corporations. I aspire to be the next xxxx xxxxx in the field of Civil Engineering and Construction, designing iconic structures that will be celebrated all over the world. In addition, after obtaining my master degree I look forward to pursue my PhD.

The course structure which combines course work and hands-on learning is what attracted me the most, this practice ensures the information collected will be reinforced by applying it through project-led education. Such courses are not available in my country which is my major reason to pursue it abroad. Furthermore, the ability to study the course work in one university then the dissertation in another, the idea of studying in two different countries is fascinating, this experience will enrich my knowledge on different cultures and nationalities through making acquaintances from all over the world. Besides exposure to other individual's maturity and knowledge, will widen my horizon and drastically reshape how I perceive the world positively. Moreover, I shall have the honor to present my country as best as I can to the world I will be interacting with during the course period.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I am eager to broaden my understanding on Building Information Modelling practices, where this is my opportunity to obtain top class education. Ambition and determination drive me to make the best out of this program to positively impact my country and other nations.
delelse 3 / 8 2  
Jan 28, 2019   #2
I like that you have stated your career goal very clearly and combined it with the courses available for you in this program. Very nice.

I feel in the beginning the information is a bit irrelevant - it's fine to mention the situation in your country but almost one paragraph is too much. f. eks. "I considered studying my master degree in University of xxxxx but the courses offered are extremely limited and not interesting, consequently I started to expand my search to study abroad. " I don't think you need to mention it.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15048 4830  
Jan 29, 2019   #3
Afaf, this motivation letter is too long and does not really contain a direct reference to your motivation and goals for wishing to pursue this course abroad. My suggestion, is that you write a new letter that is more targeted and clear when it comes to the motivation and goals presentation. There are some aspects of this essay that you can use to write a focused essay. You can consider using paragraphs 3,4, and 6. Those are the presentation paragraphs that you currently have which, when revised in terms of presentation and clarity, can very well represent all of the motivations, career goals, and academic requirements that you desire to attain by attending this university.

You don't need all the excess information in this essay because those parts would better suit either a statement of purpose or a personal statement. By revising the content, you will assure yourself that the reviewer will be able to complete reading the essay and properly consider your motivational reasons as a part of your application consideration.

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