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GKS-U Personal Statement Business Administration; time to complete my university education in Korea

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Sep 22, 2023   #1

GKS-U Personal Statement Business Administration

I attended Tony's Korean class for the first time in January 2020, when I wanted to learn any Far Eastern language. While I was practicing reading in the first lesson, he expressed that he liked my accent, and this first lesson was the beginning of everything for me. Because I was a hard-working student and my Korean was improving very quickly, my teacher showed me as an exemplary student. Thanks to this, my interest and self-confidence in Korean increased and I promised myself that I would be the best in this field.

When I was in high school, I paid great attention to my studies. I never missed a lesson and studied very hard for my exams. Since I have been interested in foreign languages since my childhood, I have improved my English to C1 level with both school and private education since primary school. Learning Korean while continuing my English education in high school increased my academic self-confidence and studying started to feel like a hobby to me. Because I realized that I am good at learning new things. In March 2020, when I was in my second year in high school, I came across a great opportunity. Since I was a successful student, my English teacher invited me to a trip abroad even it was a trip with limited quota. Thanks to this trip, I had the opportunity to go abroad for the first time. During the trip, I had been in France, Switzerland and Germany. I took part in the CERN event, which was the main purpose of the trip. My first experience abroad was both very educational and very enjoyable. This trip encouraged me to go to Korea. At that time, life had kind of stopped because the coronavirus epidemic started in my country, and I took advantage of my free time and started researching. While researching Korea, I was very impressed when I saw that Korea had great success in the field of business, and thus I decided what I wanted to study at university. To achieve this goal, in my last year of high school, I switched to open education, a system in my country, so that I could study more focused on the university exam. After my university exam, I got into the business department I wanted at a good university in Turkey. I passed my English proficiency exam in the first year of university and suspended my school. I had been planning for Korean language education in Korea so after suspended my school I went to Korea for 2nd level Korean education at Korea University in March 2023.

Even though it was my first time in Korea, I felt like I had been living there for years and I didn't feel like a foreigner at all. I think the biggest reason for this is the cultural similarity between Turkey and Korea. Since some traditions, moral values and food culture are similar in Turkey and Korea, it was not difficult for me to adapt to Korean culture and life. In Korea, apart from Seoul, I went to Busan and Pohang. Since all the Koreans I met were very kind and friendly towards me, I did not have any communication problems anywhere. I made a lot of friends and made good memories with them. On the other hand, I was studying at the language school. I finished the spring semester as the top student in my class. My teachers thanked me very much for being in their class as a hard-working student who was good at Korean. However, they said that unfortunately they could not issue a certificate since it was a short-term training of only 3 months. Still, I returned from Korea in June 2023 with a very good education and experience.

I wanted to take the TOPIK Ⅱ exam immediately after my return, but I could not get a TOPIK level certificate since the TOPIK exam was only held twice in my country and the next TOPIK exam was after the GKS application. I was very saddened by the bad situation and the fact that I missed Korea so much. I realized that I wanted to return to Korea and live there for a long time, so I researched the education of universities in Korea. When I saw that the education in Korea was perfect for me, studying business at the university of such a successful country in business became my goal.

My parents are people who always attach importance to education. My parents have provided all the support they could to my sister and me since we were little. However unfortunately, due to the economic problems of my country and the financial difficulties of my own family, I was very upset when my parents told me that they could not provide financial support for me to study at a university in Korea, and thus my goal became difficult for me. Despite this, I did not give up and continued my research. I wanted to take advantage of the GKS opportunity that came my way.

People who have goals such as making a difference in the world's business field need to explore different business worlds. I want to first develop the business between Turkey and Korea and then give a different direction to the business sector all over the world. For this reason, I completed all the good training I could get in Turkey. Now it is my turn to complete my university education in Korea in the best possible way and take steps to achieve this goal.
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Oct 7, 2023   #2
This response is actually more aligned with the Language Study Goals than the requirements for the personal statement. Have you actually downloaded the application packet and read the prompt requirements? You need to make sure that you do that first so that you can provide the relevant response to the given questions, none of which are related to language study. You can still use this essay with revisions though. Just make sure to adjust it for the language study purpose since this response is actually very good when you consider what the language explanation requirements are. Go ahead and use this essay for that specific prompt instead. For this one, you need to correctly address the prompt requirements first.

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