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MARKETING DIRECTOR; Scholarship - academic and career goals

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Jan 30, 2013   #1
The requirement is a one page summary of my academic and career goals and what I'm doing to achieve them. I feel like I should include more about myself. I also feel like my conclusion is weak and just repeating what I already said. Please feel free to comment.

Sports Industry Career Essay

After I graduated from high school, I had a difficult time figuring out the career I wanted to pursue. Over the past year, I've done a great deal of research and found that the University of Oregon is the school that best fits my educational and career goals. Numerous visits to the University of Oregon introduced me to the Lundquist College of Business and the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center. I no longer look at sports as a hobby, but rather as a potential profession in the sports industry.

More specifically, my career goal is to become a marketing director at a professional sports franchise such as the Portland Trail Blazers. Being a marketing director at professional sports franchise comes with many responsibilities. As a marketing director, my main responsibility will be to implement a marketing strategy to estimate the demand of the company's product and services and that of its competitors, identify potential markets, develop a pricing strategy that benefit both the company and the consumer, and promote the product or service to increase the presence of the company.

The academic goals that I have set for myself and the knowledge, skills, and experience gained through the process of reaching them will help me become a marketing director at a professional sports franchise. My academic goals are to continue to put forth all of my effort into my courses. I will continue to motivate and challenge myself as I know that academic excellence does not come easy. Hard work and dedication will help me major in Business Administration with a Sports Business concentration and minor in Computer Information Technology. Thereafter, I hope to obtain an MBA in Sports Business. The Lundquist College of Business and the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center offer internships with companies like Adidas, Nike, the NBA, and other leading brands. Getting real-world practical experience and developing a network within the sports industry, through internships, is another of my main academic goals.

The classes, clubs, and community activities that I am currently involved with will help me reach my academic and career goals. I will continue to work hard and take challenging courses. I will also continue to be involved in clubs such as the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which has allowed me to gain personal growth in terms of leadership skills and the ability to be more effective as a team player. Additionally, I've been instrumental in helping start a community soccer league in my hometown, which has given me valuable administrative abilities. The idea of creating an official soccer league web page, that I presented, was warmly welcomed by league officials. Also, my fluency in Spanish has helped me coordinate meetings between Spanish speaking league officials and English speaking city officials.

In general, my career goal of becoming a marketing director will become attainable by meeting the academic goals that I have set for myself. My key academic goals are composed of majoring in Business Administration with a Sports Business concentration, minoring in Computer Information Technology, obtaining an MBA in Sports Business, and developing a professional network in the sports industry through internships opportunities. The skills that I am currently obtaining from Blue Mountain Community College, clubs, and community activities, alongside the knowledge I will gain from the top-notch courses taught by the talented educators at the University of Oregon, will give me the necessary skills to achieve my academic and career goals.

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