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Mathematics and art are a specialty of mine - GMS Essay

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Jan 5, 2015   #1
Am I answering everything? Is the essay structure correct?
Thank you in advance.
Discuss the subjects in which you excel or have excelled. To what factors do you attribute your success?

My passion for visible perfection is immense. Perfection, in which an ideal of space, symmetry, structure, shape recognition, patterns and beauty is discovered, not only by artistic creations, but by mathematical concepts.

Mathematics and art are a specialty of mine.

I have always had an interest in numbers since they can be applied to basically anything. We live around numbers, our universe is composed of numbers and mathematics is one of the most impressive elements that may have ever existed. The summer of 2013, I took my first math course at a higher level: College Algebra 1414. I was frightened of the fact that from basic Geometrical formulas such as the Pythagorean Theorem, I skipped Algebra 2 to go to very complex Logarithmic Relationships, which by the way it was far from being in my vocabulary. The first day came and I was the only teenager sitting next to students of all ages. Dr. Hassanpour introduced to us the Properties of Exponents and its applications which everyone was familiarized with them by now, but I wasn't. It was a drastic change because everything was new to me and as the days passed everything seemed to be more complicated than they were before. I took the bull by the horns and said to myself, "This is it. Either, I learn the material or I fail the class." Fortunately, throughout all my mathematical academic years I have encountered several excellent and enthusiastic teachers that had a passion for what they do: teach math. Every morning, I arrived to school 1 hour before the class started and went straight to the library to review, redo and study the problems assigned. My routine ended up giving me an A in the class. Since that day, I realized that the art of problem solving came natural to me, I didn't had any problems understanding the concept, nor learning new ones. Currently, I am taking an AP Calculus-AB course with Mr. Barrera and he is just another extraordinary teacher that loves what he does and makes everything simple to understand.

On the other hand, I am the most extremely perfectionist and creative person that you could ever meet and I have this peculiar passion for art in which I find relief whenever I'm over stressed. I have a collection of paintings hanging in my room and a huge box filled with acrylic paints, brushes of different sizes and textures and a fair amount of canvases to do what I love most. I have turned my room into a gallery. Two months ago, my art teacher, Ms. Garza assigned us to draw a Mexican sugar skull for the Day of the Dead on a blank sheet of paper. While everyone was starting to draw their skulls, I got up and went to grab a ruler to draw a couple of grid lines on my paper. As soon as she saw me she got up and asked me, "What do you want to study?" "A combination of Architecture and Engineering, why?" I replied. She answered," Oh, that's why you drew the grid lines on your paper." "Yes, it's because I like everything to be perfect and have symmetry." I said. After that day she insisted me to join the Art Club that she was currently starting. In February, I will be presenting two art pieces of acrylic on canvas on the annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) competition. Although, this is my first year as a competitor I am confident that I will end up with successful results because I've been waking up early to go to practice to improve my art skills in order to impress the judges.

I owe this to my enthusiastic teachers that have believed in me and saw the inner passion that I have. Luckily, I have had the best teaching elements to mentor me and encourage me to do what I do best: express myself through art and embrace the satisfaction of solving problems. But, this does not end here I am determined to acquire more knowledge and improve myself on the subjects of mathematics and art.
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Earning an A in the class*

Well organized.
Nicely done

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