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Motivation with which you apply for this program / GKS U 2023 / Economics major

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Sep 1, 2022   #1

an intriguing subject

I found economics a very intriguing subject . It compels me to use both - analytical and creative skills together, and always giving reasons to be excited. This subject appears limitless, enabling us for so much scope for further research and study. One of the reasons I want to pursue economics as my major is its high utility and huge demand in the job markets. Job opportunities are increased because of globalization and after the merging of the world economy. A well trained economist has a high demand all across the world.

It was in 9th grade that I studied about South Korea's economy for the first time. That was the time I learned about ' the Miracle on the Han River ' , the transformation from a least developed country to developed country and now the 11th largest economy in the world. So, when I found my interest in economics,the first and only name that came into my mind was South Korea . I could not think of any better place for my higher education.I also got attracted by the amazing education system of South Korea . The extracurricular activities, practical, teacher-student interactions and an ideal environment for learning and personal development. The education system of South Korean is considered one of the best in the whole world . Large number of international student goes there every year for quality education. Studying economics in Korea is the key that can help me reach higher and higher in this sector , and also help me to interact with people with different culture and nationality. The country's culture and history had got me attached to them.

I come from a middle-class nuclear family, consisting my father,mother and an elder brother. They have always supported me and my decisions. I have spend most of my life with my parents and have seen them struggling. But in spite of their hardship, they have provided my brother and me the best possible education. My brother did very well in his studies and currently working as a software engineer in IBM company. So now it's my turn to devote myself to my studies and make my family proud.

Talking about my academics, I was a normal student without much struggle. I always got more than 80% every year and been in top 10 lists in the class. I made models for science exhibition organized in my school and also have given speech on the special occasions. I have been the class head of my class for two years. I had great bonding with my teachers and they were very supportive and motivating.

When I was 8 years old, my family shifted from our hometown to a state-capital - 'Ranchi'. It was a big, beautiful and unfamiliar place for me. From a small town to a big city, the change was huge for a little girl. But I tried my best to get moulded in the new environment. I went to the best school near us and there the students had to talk in english only. With the passing of time, I made new friends and the city became my new home. After 3-4 years, a tragedy happened with my family. So, we had to return to our hometown. Everything had changed there. It felt like a new place to me. I had to start everything again, from making friends to knowing neighborhood places. Even in my hometown I changed my school twice. From all these time, I learned how to adjust in a new environment easily without loosing myself.

I always believed in holistic development, so apart from academics I also tried to focus on extracurricular activities. From dancing to learning taekwondo, I wanted to explore every opportunity to learn something new. Sketching,dancing and playing kabaddi are some of my hobbies. I have played kabaddi and badminton at the school level competitions. I was once the leader of the kabaddi team during 8th grade. Each of these activities helped me in greater character development and broadening my social skills. Participating in extracurricular activities have helped me develop other skills such as teamwork, problem solving and confidence. Playing with a team also helped me build leadership qualities. I have performed in many school plays and participated in dance programs. The social skills that I have developed via participating in numerous activities will surely help me to better interact with native people of Korea along with students from various countries, and making it a little easier for me to adjust in a new-unfamiliar country.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
Sep 1, 2022   #2
This is a good start. The presentation is on track with the motivation aspect and the reason why the applicant chose to study in Korea. However, these paragraphs respond only to one subject in a multi topic motivational paper. If the writer will review the overall motivational discussion requirements from the application packet, he should see that he is missing at least 3 important focus points in this discussion. What he should do now is add to the information that is currently existing by revising the content to cover all of the prompt considerations. Once all of the subjects have been addressed, I can then review that draft version for improvement and highlightable points. That aspect cannot be considered at the moment since the writing is still incomplete. Again, it is off to a good start. Improving the content through the addition of the required points should help further strengthen the motivational statement.

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