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Stipendium Hungaricum - Motivation letter to apply for Phd program in Neurosciences

Meri_ami 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2021   #1
Hello, first of all I really want to say really thank you so much everyone for the great effort you put in this website, having such a great reference guidelines while drafting my motivation letter was a great help, thank you so much

here is my attempt to writing my Motivation Letter, i would appreciate any correction and thank you so much for your time before hand.

the letter of motivation

Dear Administrative Committee,

Some people can't help but be uncontrollably drown to the mystery that is our marvelous Nervous System, and without a doubt I am one of those people.

My love for Neurosciences combined with my passion for teaching others (where I have been tutoring Life Science for High School students since my 1st year of University) resulted on the birth of my greatest goals: Becoming a Lecturer-Researcher of Neurosciences here in the university of Science and Technology U.S.T.H.B Algeria. So, in order to pursue this passion, I decided to enroll for Biological Sciences for my Bachelor's Degree under the specialty of Animal Biology and Physiology. I'm very proud of this degree since it gave me the proper foundations of all the difference disciplines of Biology, ranging from Botany and Ecology to Zoology, Endocrinology and Molecular Genetics. But to my surprise, when I went to apply for Master's Degree I didn't find the dearest Course to my heart "Neurosciences". So, I had to go with the closest specialty to it, which was "Neurobiology". Neurobiology dived deeper into the brain's Anatomy, Histology and its Functioning.

This brings me to the reason why I am very happy and excited to especially apply for "Stipendium Hungaricum program". It was when I found the diverse Neuroscience Programs offered for this year by one of the most respected Universities worldwide, Semmelweis University's Doctoral School of Neuroscience, especially one of the PhD. Thesis topics titled: "Changes in Neuronal Connectivity and Synapses during Neurodegenerative Diseases" under the supervision of Dr. Gábor Nyíri. Such topics will allow me to deepen the understanding of theoretical concepts I learned through my Master's Degree, and close the gap between Theory and Application thanks to performing the experiences first hand, using the latest scientific technologies and under the supervision of highly skilled and experienced professors, all of that while being surround by a community of enthusiastic and ambitious students, just like me. In the other hand, I will have the advantage of having the prior knowledge of a lot of concepts, thanks to what we have learned in Neurobiology like the detailed rapport I did about "The Role of Amyloid Beta Peptide in the Patho-physiology of Alzheimer's Disease" which perfectly correlates with the future researches I will have to do as a PhD student in Neurosciences.

Of course I don't expect this journey to be a pink Cherry Blossoms road, especially during the first periods of studying in Hungary, where for sure I'll face difficulties due to language barriers either while communicating with my colleagues or in my day to day life. However, from a young age I showed the ability to quickly learn new languages where I currently speak fluently 4 languages: Arabic, English, French and Korean. And starting from January I've been learning Hungarian to eliminate future obstacles and I'm willing to pour all the effort and time it deserves.

Finally, and after finishing my PhD successfully, my next big goal would be: "Going back to my country and take the first steps to open a Neurosciences research laboratory here in the University of U.S.T.H.B." and maybe it will result in even bigger collaborations between Hungary and Algeria's scientific research labs, finding answers to other mysteries of our Nervous System. At the same time I'll be teaching future Biologists and Neuroscientist more refined courses that are up to date with the current scientific discoveries thanks to what I would have learned through my experience as a PhD student in Hungary.

Thank you for your consideration,
XXXX xxxx
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Jan 11, 2021   #2
The first thing you have to do is stop using bold letters to emphasize your statements in the essay. It is irritating and shows a lack of academic professionalism on your part. It is rude and shows a clear disrespect to the reviewer, who may decide to disqualify you simply on the basis of not liking the way that you formatted the motivation letter. Additionally, never use any information in a parenthesis in the motivation letter. Either you present is as a notable fact or not at all, there as no "asides" in this presentation. If you do not feel the information is that important, which is what the parenthesis indicates, then do not include it at all.

There is a missing link in this motivational letter. You are not implying any skills or theories gained during your masters studies that would allow you to become an active and useful participant in the team of researchers that you hope to join under Dr. Nyiri. This weakens your motivational letter. You need to have a serious research based motivation if you wish to mentored by a specific professor, whose work you are interested in. Does your masters thesis tie in with the research the doctor is doing? Is there a way you can collaborate to develop each other's research focus? As a research lecturer, surely you have some specific lectures in mind that will benefit from additional research as a PhD student.
OP Meri_ami 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2021   #3
Thank you so much, I would have never thought how the Bold actually looks ! also thank you for pointing how I lacked the mentioning of the skills I got to develop, i was so afraid of words count limit that I ended up eliminating an important part.

thank you so much.

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