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'Americans need more time to relax' - UT AUSTIN ESSAY E APP

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Sep 13, 2011   #1
Please everyone i need revision and review for content. I think its a little bias.

Choose an issue of importance to you - the issue could be personal, school related, local, political, or international in scope - and write an essay in which you explain the significance of that issue to yourself, your family, your community, or your generation.

Americans work extremely hard providing good and services to consumers, so we as Americans can live a happy and comfortable life. We as Americans need to work to support us and our families. But after all the stress, work, tasks, and sweat; some of us need to take an edge off. We need something more to make us relax, or take our minds off of things. Alcohol is a very common substance to use when trying to wind down, 80 billion dollars a year in America. Even though an immense amount of people decide to drink, Alcohol has very few advantages, and has about 5 times as many disadvantages. What can be even more devastating is that not only does it effect the individual, but can produce harsher effects on the community around them.

We are subjected to alcohol at such young age in America. The main source: Television. Ads for beer, wine, and liquor are all over the channels. It's on between our news, during sporting events, lyrics in our music, and in our TV shows. We even have our own official beer for the NFL. Alcohol is so widely accepted in America that even though reports are made about the terrible side effects; we still indulge. But nowadays, it is what makes people/events sociable. People partake in these activities to fit in at the game, party, or just trying to have fun. College is a prime location for this to take place. Students are away from their parents, they want to have fun, and they're trying to fit in. But this would not take place if media was not throwing out everywhere you go. In result, millions of people are burdened with the disease of alcoholics

It first takes over your judgement, distorts your motor skills, and diminishes your memory. People under the influence say things without reason, and do things they would never do while sober. But to them, its okay, "I'm drunk". That is what justifies everything, "I'm drunk, and I don't care." The individuals continue to do this. While the stress builds up at work, or school, they come home or go out at night to where they relief their stress and forget it all. Once the individual becomes an alcoholic they start to get selfish, get aggravated easily, sort their priorities alcohol first, and forget about their responsibilities and the care for others.

The community around them is now what gets hit. Numerous families across America are effected by abusive alcoholic parents. Drunk drivers travel are roads at night, causing thousand of fatal accidents a year. The main attribute is that they go about doing things not thinking about what can happen to the people around them. They constantly drink trying to forget about their problems. They then wake up in the morning, sober, with the same problems or even worse conditions.

I am effected by this issue because my father has been alcoholic since I can remember. I grew up with constant arguments between my parents that would never be resolved because there was no sense or judgement in the arguments. My father would often break promises, telling me one thing, and forgetting all about it. I would sometimes think about coming home and being able to talk to my dad about school, or new friends. But if i did, he merely was listening,or simply would just forget. I wanted something constant and dependable; a father figure. I was able to overcome this issue by relying on my siblings and friends to learn about the world around me. Eventually, my dad hit rock bottom, lost his job, wife, and life. My generation, community and myself are effected greatly by this social endeavor alcohol. What surprises me the most is out of all the deaths and tragedies that occur every year, alcoholic not only remains legal, but widely spread and accepted through out America.

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