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Undergraduate Application for Physiotherapy Personal Statement

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Jan 25, 2018   #1
Prompt: Describe an exceptional achievement in your academic experience and a lesson learned.How would the experiences support the choice of program and attain your goals? What are your plans after graduation?

Programme chosen: Physiotherapy

Some feedback on my application personal statement would be great.

It was only through my early years being a physically active person, that I saw how common it is for people from athletes to the everyday person, to sustain minor to major injuries. It was through these observations, that the field of physiotherapy called out to me. Thus I made the decision that this would be my field of choice and that I could make an impact in treating others and enabling them to lead a better, pain-free lifestyle.

Through my curiosity and research. I've come to realize that Physiotherapy is a wide field. It helps people affected by injury, illness or disability and incorporates elements from science, rehabilitation, and medicine through physical intervention and advice. As such, I took up classes related to this field such as biology, physics, and chemistry. Due to my distinguished academic achievements, I was given a spot in the National Society of High School Scholars, where I was offered an internship in my school's rehabilitation facility. There, I was lucky to have a mentor where I learned different ways of therapy techniques, such as joint manipulation, mobilization and manual resistance training. Interning in a physical therapy environment was a great opportunity as it gave me insight into the industry and my career prospects. Not only does it have a highly practical emphasis occupation-wise, it will also provide me with the opportunity to aid someone in increasing their standard of life.

Since applying, I have also enrolled myself in courses to extend my knowledge. Moving forward I hope to be selected for this program so that I may pursue my passion of being an official physiotherapist, aiding those affected by injuries, as well as the aging population in Singapore. Knowing with the skills and knowledge attained, I will help others improve their quality of life.
Holt - / 7,651 1998  
Jan 25, 2018   #2
Vikhram, your essay contains too much unnecessary information. Your response should focus directly on the questions provided since this is an immensely prompt specific response. Open the essay with a reference to your most significant academic achievement. You cannot use a general statement about how a collective academic achievement led to your scholarship grant. You have to relate an actual incident of academic achievement. Which of these achievements do you think resulted in your receiving the government scholarship? That is what you should be discussing. Explain the circumstances of your academic achievement and why this is a notable accomplishment on your part. How does this relate to your decision to choose physiotherapy as a college major? Why were you offered spot in the school's rehab facility? Why do you believe that this exposure is a strong enough foundation for you to succeed in this college course and eventually, career? The most notable absence in your response is the reference to your future career goals. Why do you want to become a Physiotherapist? What career plans do you have for after you graduate? These are required elements that need to be reflected in the paper but have not been properly developed in your presentation. This essay should not be more than 3-4 paragraphs at the most if you choose to discuss one essay prompt per paragraph.

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