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Art university communication and design department - how should i end my sop?

aslen 1 / 1  
Aug 24, 2009   #1
ı write a statement of purpose for art university communication and design department.
but I don't know how should I end it?
Gabrielle 6 / 24  
Aug 24, 2009   #2
We need to see what it says before we can help you!
Post it here!
OP aslen 1 / 1  
Aug 24, 2009   #3
I have always had a great love for expressing myself artistically, but it was during my course of study in computer technologies and information systems that was impossible. It wasn't satisfactory for me. I decided to change my department. I always interested in fine arts. In 2006 even if I achieved success n students qualifying examination and placed in my current department I took the test of communication and design. Even tough I achieve success in the test of communication and design my parents doesn't allow me to go. So I had to register my current department.

In past two years I had difficulties in school because courses are not familiar to me and I couldn't keep up whit them. Although I tried to do my best I couldn't gain success. On the other hand I tried to convince my parents explain them that I am unhappy and unsuccessful in my department. They eventually understand how I feel so I applied to communication and design.

I am sure that if I accepted in the department of communication and design I know that I will be very successful. I will be able to put my artistic talents to be the best one and continue my work as a professional with an even greater degree of creativity and originality. It is my intention to obtain the best possible learning experience and of course the knowledge a skills that I need to attain my life goals. I strongly believe that my choice to change my department absolutely the best decision for me and my future.
Liebe 1 / 542 2  
Aug 24, 2009   #4
Your overall essay suffers from basic grammar errors, spelling errors, both of which contribute to the essay seeming unclear in terms of what you want to say.

Also, this essay lacks the depth and finesse required to show how your true interest in art and why you would like to study art at your particular University
EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Aug 24, 2009   #5
I'm disturbed that your essay begins with two paragraphs about problems or failures. Start, instead, with some stories or facts that illustrate your strengths. Then explain the problems if you must. Let us see the revision of that before we talk about how to end the piece.

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