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Conservative upbringing - TELL US ABOUT WHO YOU ARE

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Greetings from New Delhi, India!!
I am Aarav Chopra. I am the only child of my parents. My upbringing has been in a conservative, protected and yet modern atmosphere. This has helped me to develop a very balanced, grounded and affable personality. I am an eager learner and always strive to achieve what I desire. I have a great calibre for sports especially cricket and basketball, I am a cinephile and a glutton for food. I am an introvert but with a bundle of energy and pronounced interpersonal skills. My keen interest in Greek, Nordic, Egyptian and Hindu mythologies has helped me to gain knowledge on the genesis of the world and life. I hope to join the world of cinema in the future. Being a big Marvel and DC fan, it is my dream to work with production houses like the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox.

In my early teens, I did not take life seriously and was frivolous in my actions. I lacked in discipline, seriousness and balance in life. This had its repercussions but taught me a lesson too. I was an avid cricket player and wanted to carve a career path for myself. My hard work was paying off as I was playing for my school senior team despite being a junior. Unfortunately, despite all my dedication and hard work, I could not balance my game and education. Each year I graduated the pressure and workload increased. This imbalance forced me to choose education over cricket and hold a pause on my dream. A decision that made my parents and friends extremely worried and anxious as I was always known as an enthusiastic sportsperson. Such experiences in the early phase of my teen years was a difficult but necessary chapter in my life as it was a stepping stone towards improvement. I took the mistakes of the past year as questions and explored their answers in life. Under the guidance of my parents, I became more focused, dedicated and learned to strive for a balance between education, curricular and extra-curricular activities. My parents always took pride in me because I was loved and respected in my class by my teachers and peers, despite not being a topper. My teachers respected me for my enthusiasm, optimism and amicable nature. They always trusted and saw potential in me to perform like a star. In my early growing years, I was conferred with many accolades and titles such as the "Super Citizen" of the Year award. These accolades only encouraged me to become a better person every day.

I am told that I have a very sensitive heart. From a young age, I had the privilege to be associated with a local civil society organization, where we took up a cause to teach the English language to underprivileged children. This experience was truly gratifying. I have a soft spot for animals and that softness helped me save the life of a pup who was run over by a car. This happened when I was just 13 years old. Since then, I desired to build awareness on animal safety and protection through digital campaigns.

I care more about the effort and hard work I put into a task rather than paying heed to the result. I have faced rejections in life from a young age and rather than dwelling negatively on it, I analyzed and identified my shortcomings to make amends. During my district (county) cricket trials, I was rejected despite being a star performer in school and the academy. I did not take the rejection to heart and decided to work upon my cricketing skills. Even though I could not get selected later, I was happy that I lived those days playing cricket something I love. In my early high school days, I was more worried about the consequences both positive and negative more than I was worried about the effort I had put in. I failed to get the desired grades every semester and giving up was not an option for me. The following year, I had a mental revolution where I was more focused on the hard work than the consequences. This helped me to improve my grades and put a smile on my parents' faces. During these days I learned that a person's results do not shape their personality, but hard work does. I am proud of the wise decisions I have made, for the honest friendship that I have with my childhood friends and unconditional love from and for my parents.
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The response format is incorrect. This personal statement does not respond to the questions provided. Did you actually read the question, consider the response requirement and other requirements? It appears that you did not. Your response is nowhere near the required information. There is no I reference here. This is about how other people view you per community. So whittle down the response:

Family - see you as an introvert
Friends - you have a sensitive heart
Community - respect your enthusiasm

These are the specific focus points per group. Then talk about just 1 achievement that you are proud of. All other parts of this presentation are irrelevant. It is important that you do not stay in the discussion because the reviewer may stop reading since the deviations are excessive.

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