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"I'm easy to get along." - A letter for future roommate

Prompt: Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to you future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate- and us- know you better.

Dear Future Roommate,

Hi, roomie! I'm Ryungnam Kim. No need to strain your tongue though, because I go by Hannah instead.

As you might have noticed from my last name, I'm Korean and I'm a FOB (just in case, it stands for Fresh Off the Boat, meaning I'm a foreigner). And I am not ashamed that all my friends always called me a "hard-core-Asian," however they meant it. I guess they were pointing at my fluency in Korean and Japanese and obsession of K-pops and being the president of Japanese National Honor Society and all. But don't worry, I can speak English fine! No, more than just fine. Although I sound like someone you'd have to use body language to communicate, the fact is, all my friends though I was native born American until I told them otherwise. So no worries.

I must admit that I'm pretty random. Let's say you and I are watching a camel fight on TV. Then I might suddenly stand up and walk up to a lab top, sit in front of it with a grave expression on my face, and start Googling "Israel current issue" and looking through CNN newsroom for a further reporting on how Israel and Egypt are getting along. But that's only the beginning of my so called "artsy impressionist side," as my friends put it. So I hope you'd understand me if I go, "(blank) reminds me of (blank)" quite often. I have this weird tendency to connect two completely different objects, especially colors, like oil paintings of scenery, to people and classical music. Please don't be alarmed, I'm not crazy. In fact, my friends find my explanation for randomness quite amusing and say that it kind of makes sense, but not really.

But my bottom line is, I'm easy to get along. And I'm really sympathetic as to cry whenever I watch Titanic, and good at listening while keeping my mouth shut about what I hear. So I hope we'll like me and wish we could be Best Roomies Forever!

This one exceeds words by about 60...
Please somebody correct my grammars (except the casual tone...)
And I don't know if the honesty is the way to write it (like I did) or I'm suppose to try to impress Stanford

Please help me!!


Nice essay! However, I deleted some stuff to make it closer to the character limit.

"Although I sound like someone you'd have to use body language to communicate, the fact is , all my friends thought I was native born American until I told them otherwise."

One question, how does your "artsy impressionist side" relate to "(blank) reminds me of (blank)" ?

Good luck on your stanford application :)
I definitely learned a lot about you from this, and it was interesting to read. I'm not sure if you should be more serious or matter-of-fact, either (I'm doing this question too - and no, I'm not going to give you bad advice), so I'll just give you grammatical advice. What I changed is in [brackets]. Good luck! (who knows - maybe we'll end up rooming together).
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