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'Hope for jobs, mentoring and learning opportunities' - Why did I choose to aply to UCF?

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Aug 1, 2008   #1
Why did you choose to apply to UCF?

I choose to apply to University of Central Florida because of its aerospace engineering program and proximity to Orlando. From the age of nine, I wanted to become an aerospace engineer after watching the military jets at the air show. The aerospace engineering department at UCF owns many wind tunnels and numerous laboratories that help students learn to use the equipment. The sports program also attracted me to apply to UCF because of its exciting Division I athletics. I am a major sports fan and need a college with strong sports teams to cheer for. I live in South Florida and plan to stay in the state for my college education.

The University plans to expand their campus and improve its quality of education with an affordable tuition. I wanted to apply for the Burnett's Honors College because it offers honors college courses with fewer than twenty five students per class. The university offers various programs that allow undergraduate students to conduct research on their areas of interest with their professor guiding them. The student council supports a motley group of clubs and the creation of new clubs to get UCF students involved.

The engineering college at UCF offers a combined mechanical and aerospace bachelorette program allowing students to complete dual degrees in about five years. The advantages of having two bachelors' degrees are higher starting salaries and being more employable. In that aspect, almost all of the engineering students from UCF have jobs immediately after graduation. The university offers master degrees in aerospace engineering and encourages students to pursue higher education.

The top quality sports program that UCF possesses also entices me to apply for admission. The numerous intramural sports clubs offered will allow me to participate in many sports without the constant stress of having to win every game. I have competed on the Plantation Swim Team for over thirteen years in South Florida and earned a host of medals and ribbons from the Gold Coast meets. In addition, I broke numerous team records and many still stand today. The team competes in USA Swimming meets throughout Florida and locally. I joined the varsity swim team at my high school and was in a relay that qualified for the State Championship meet in Sebastian, Florida. I have become more of a sports enthusiast as I got older. I enjoy watching games of all kinds from rugby to football. I would definitely attend all of the home football and basketball games and cheer for the Knights!

The University of Central Florida offers many complimentary amenities to keep their students physically fit. The facilities include a large state of the art recreational complex that contains exercise machines and a weight room. The University also has an indoor track that can be used to escape from the hot weather outside. The University of Central Florida runs a free shuttle system in order to provide convenient transportation around the campus.

I like the university's location which is close to both my family and potential job opportunities. It is located about three hours from my house in South Florida, a more convenient trip for family members to visit. The university is also located close to theme parks in Orlando that would be ideal for entertainment and fun during free time.

Major companies offer cooperative education and internships to UCF's engineering students because of its proximity to offices in Orlando. Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Aerotek CE have headquarters close to the university making internship opportunities for summer employment and future job opportunities. The large alumnae community works together with the students at the university to offer jobs, mentoring and learning opportunities. In addition, UCF has the tools needed to give students the edge in the engineering industry.

Thank you for looking over my essay. Just making sure the grammar is okay and it is on topic.

Home / Undergraduate / 'Hope for jobs, mentoring and learning opportunities' - Why did I choose to aply to UCF?
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