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Journey in programming - Motivation for applying to UNIST (Entrance Essay)

kanghyun3130 1 / 1  
Sep 4, 2023   #1

UNIST Entrance Essay

Q. Please describe in detail your motivations for applying to UNIST, emphasizing your activities, your efforts throughout school, and any special experiences. (within 2000 characters/300words)

My journey in programming has strongly emphasized the value of 'integration'. Over the last three years, I've participated in every school programming contest. Through these experiences, I realized that the essence of programming isn't merely in coding or devising algorithms. Its true power is realized when melded with other disciplines. This understanding led me to UNIST.

As technological advancement continues at an unparalleled pace, I often ponder if its direction always considers human safety and emotional well-being. In my second year, while delving into the possibilities of deepfake technology powered by AI, I was startled to discover its misuse in generating inappropriate content. Similarly, reports on mishaps due to autonomous driving systems heightened my concerns about the compromise on safety in the race for technological breakthroughs.

Given challenges such as climate-related natural disasters and a rise in unpredictable public crimes, I firmly believe that 'safety' must be the cornerstone of our technological pursuits. I envision pioneering a Safety AI system. It's crucial to establish stringent laws and regulations to control the swift evolution of AI technology and to develop software to avert AI-related accidents.

To realize this goal, a comprehensive perspective and adaptability are essential. I've been consistently aligning my academic endeavors with my long-term aspirations. For instance, while delving into mathematics, I integrated software-driven problem-solving alongside traditional textbook methodologies. Projects like developing a database for school meals and creating a website to identify local trash bin locations have sharpened my hands-on skills.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Sep 16, 2023   #2
The detailed activities are good. Your background is strong. However, you did not really make a clear connection between yourself and UNIST based on the given discussion. You should be trying to reflect UNIST in your statement and descriptions. Merge your background with the school so that the reviewer can get a better idea of why and how you came to the conclusion that UNIST is the school for you. Reading this from the point of view of an admissions officer, I would not say that you have convinced me to accept you as a student at UNIST. There is a disconnection between your idea and the objectives of the school. You may want to work on creating a stronger connection based on those points.
OP kanghyun3130 1 / 1  
Sep 16, 2023   #3
Oh I see.
Thank you so much.
I will work on that

Home / Undergraduate / Journey in programming - Motivation for applying to UNIST (Entrance Essay)
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