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Lehigh supplements - define 'equity' and 'community'

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Dec 28, 2011   #1
What unique aspect of Lehigh most interests you? (As a guideline, your response should be between 150-250 words.)

I am a part of the next generation of leaders and role models. To be ready to take this role, I need to be able to develop and express my creative ideas and imagination to produce positive changes in the world. I need to become a leader that the younger generation will look up to. At my independent high school, Brooks School, I was able to show and express my leadership and creativity in a number of different ways. I became the captain of the freshman soccer team, and as time progressed, I became a co-founder of the chess club, an active participant in our new Asian and American Association organization, and more recently, I have become a dorm prefect for 22 young students. At Lehigh, I can further develop my leadership skills as well as interests with the many unique aspects of what Lehigh has to offer. At Lehigh, I will have the chance to take the P.E.E.R. leadership course, I will be an active participant in clubs and organizations, and not only would I have an opportunity to study at a world class institution, but the benefit of small sized classes, the ability to choose from more than 50 disciplines in the College of Arts & Science's 18 academic departments, as well as the curriculum's flexible requirements, will allow me to fully explore everything that interests me and allow me to build a solid foundation toward my future career.

In our ever-changing society, people have defined 'equity' and 'community' in many different ways. How do you define these terms and what are the implications of equity and community for our 21st century society

Equity in our society today is a characteristic less frequently seen. A prime example of this is seen when some lawmakers believe that cutting
educational funds is one of ways to cut our national debt. I believe they are wrong. I have had a first hand look at an extreme example of a school with insufficient resources in a poor remote area in China, Hu Tan Middle School. It was eye opening to me. These kids were the same age as me, and yet they have almost nothing. Every aspect of their education was so inferior to mine. How can these kids compete with people like me in this world? I knew I had to help. I was able to raise $1500 with help from my middle school. However, even in the U.S, not all kids live in equity. This experience is why I believe that at a national level, if the government starts cutting instead of increasing necessary educational funds, an even greater separation between the rich and the poor that the economic bust has already created will inevitably occur. This experience is why I define equity as having equal and fair opportunities in the world. Yet to provide this equity, I believe the answer lies in the community. I define a community as the individuals of the world. Everybody is an element of this world's community. Every individual has a purpose. By joining Lehigh, I can enrich my mind to the fullest extent to better serve the community. It is only when we can assure equal opportunities to the world, will there be true equity in this 21st century.

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