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liberal arts and gainsbourg / Union College Supplements

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Jan 6, 2013   #1
assistance would be much appreciated! thanks!

What excites you about Union? (1000 char each)
What I look for in an ideal school is an importance on liberal arts and culture, a friendly nurturing community and lively vibe. The campus is also quite fetching and sophisticated, a place I would proudly wander in my quest for knowledge. I can see myself spending the hours curled up with a book in hand at the Schaffer Library, with its wide sunlit windows. I see myself participating in festivals and group organizations, learning about new cultures and traveling overseas to reach places I've only seen in catalogues and travel guides. I see myself contributing to humanity with my research in human behavior, earning the interest and respect of my colleagues. For me knowledge is a deep fountain of endless possibilities, and at Union I will be ready to dive in.

What Fascinates You?
Recently, I've found myself enthralled by French culture. In my mind, France is a place for creativity, innovation, romance, melodic sounds and inviting food. The beauty of Paris shines at night, glows during the day and enchants in the rain. The country captivates my love for art, with galleries on every corner and with intricate architecture, complete with its own antique charms and modern designs. The language is itself music to hear; even simple sentences can form their own song. Listening to Serge Gainsbourg and Yann Tiersen allow me to dissolve the Atlantic Ocean and to step right into my alter-ego, in which I am a Parisian walking home from the local boulangerie with a baguette in my arms. However, I am yet to actually step onto French soil. I am patient, because I want my imagination to continue spinning yarns of what I expect France to be, nervous that if it isn't at all like what the countless novels, poems, paintings and songs had told me, I'd be disappointed. I plan on seeing Paris, Montremarte, Cherbourg and Normandy someday, but until then, I will continue to dream.
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Jan 6, 2013   #2
galleries in every conrner
the second response is absolutely great. However, I think the first response lacks specificity. i have had this problem in the past too. while you mention a few specific places and teams, i think you should be talking about one particular thing that you really like about union. You know, the one that excites you. Anyway, thats just my opinion.

btw, you writing is great.
please help me with my duke supplement.

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