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Semester at Sea will allow me to complete my Psychology requirements and to broaden my horizons

tiger923 1 / -  
Jan 29, 2019   #1
Hey guys! So here is what I have so far for my entrance essay! I would love it if someone could read it, revise it, and maybe help me stay on topic towards the end with a clear way of how to bring my piece to a close. Thank you ini advance, as you will read I diffinitely lack in my writing skills.


As a biology and psychology double major, college life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. For the past three years my week days have started at 8am and ended at 5pm, including but not limited to four classes a day and two to three labs a week. My weekends have been filled with juggling medical internships, research opportunities, part-time jobs on campus, and the hour of social life I try to fit in here and there. With that being said, medicine and biology is all I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. I remember looking up Doctors Without Borders and thinking that would be me one day in the middle of an unknown country, with people I don't know, listening to a foreign language I hope I know enough to get by with. To my surprise, there weren't many options provided at my school which would help me work on this dream. Honestly, there weren't any programs that I as a biology student could travel with and still graduate on time. What this meant for me was taking all the summer and spring break trips I could find to at least get to experience some aspect of studying abroad even if it had nothing to do with my field of study. Until I found Semester at Sea. Semester at Sea has been the first program I have found that will allow me to complete my Psychology major requirements while allowing me to broaden my horizons, both figuratively and literally.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,881 4564  
Jan 30, 2019   #2
KP, your answer is so far off target that this statement could very well get your application rejected. To properly respond to this essay, you need to discuss only your perspective of the world as it is at present. If you can connect it to psychology somehow then that would be great. The point of the essay though, is to highlight how you view the world, what your opinion is of diplomatic and international relationships, and how these have helped you to develop an understanding of how the world works. Then, you have to discuss why you believe that a semester at sea can help you improve upon your understanding of the world and its global relationship, in relation to certain psychological theories or research you wish to do during the semester, on a personal , non-academic basis. The proper response to this question spotlights how you plan to become a better person by better understanding the world that we live in. The question is, how do you plan to accomplish that using your semester at sea experience? There are several semester at sea essay responses to this very question that have received advice at this forum before, I suggest you use the search feature to find those essays, learn from their answers, and use those samples to help you develop an original response for yourself.

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