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'a small, close-nit suburb' - Pitt Supplemental Essay

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Aug 14, 2012   #1

Great City Living

I live in a small, close-nit suburb of the great city of **** called ----. The homes are narrow, colorful, and vibrant; the lawns sparse, and everybody familiar. I have spent countless days in the community park playing Frisbee, watching baseball games, and simply hanging out. I have lived in this small community for the last five years of my life, becoming friends with the locals and always wanting to give back. The day I turned 15 I found a way to do that, through the local volunteer fire department.

The ---- Volunteer Fire Department welcomed me with open arms when I informed them of my decision to turn in my application for a role as a junior firefighter. A junior firefighter performs some basic tasks such as making sure the air tanks are full, washing the trucks, going on emergency calls, and my favorite: helping with community events. Every Sunday during the summer, and when weather permits, the town hosts a flea-market. Local farms come out to sell produce, residents come out to sell their unwanted clutter, and the fire department sells hot dogs. I don't know how long this local tradition has been held, but I assume decades. We set up shop early in the morning when the air is still chilled and the town is noiseless and peaceful. We start by selling coffee and doughnuts to the early risers and morning joggers, who are often known by name. As the day progresses and the temperature eventually climbs we begin to sell our hot dogs. These are not your average hot dogs, they are absolutely delicious, cooked with our secret ingredient (lemon juice) until golden brown and served with a fluffy white bun. They are the highlight of the ---- Flea Market.

Of course the fire department has also allowed me to learn things that I would have otherwise never been able to. I have certifications in just about every aspect of firefighting that does not actually include going into a burning building. I would wake up early on weekends to ride down in a fire truck to my local training classes, where I learned things such as how to properly cut the windshield of an automobile, or in which direction to spray the water from a fire hose. Sure, sometimes I regretted it, like when I had to face my fear and climb a nine-story ladder, but at the end of the day I always felt like I accomplished something. The fire department also allowed me to go on emergency calls where my main tasks were fetching tools and shining lights, but I also observe as the officers risked their lives to enter burning buildings, or save lives from crashed cars. The fire department has given me more than I have given it. In the last 2 years that I have been a member it has showed me the respect that local volunteers deserve, it taught me new things I otherwise have never been able to learn, and it allowed me to give back to my community.

I censored my location, **** is the name of the city, ---- is the name of the suburb.

Any help is appreciated!
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Aug 15, 2012   #2
Rather than say "basic tasks", I would say something pertaining to the fact that they were mundane, but vital. I would also focus less on your experience at the flea market and more about what you contributed and learned; which you do well in your third paragraph.

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