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Study Abroad options + Changing the world - UPenn supplement

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Dec 29, 2010   #1
Answer the essay on a separate sheet of paper. Your essay should be one page in length (approximately 500 words).

Considering both the specific undergraduate school or program to which you are applying and the broader University of Pennsylvania community, what academic, research, and/or extracurricular paths do you see yourself exploring at Penn?

Everyone can change the world. Sadly, most people either lack the willpower or are not given the opportunities to do so. With its world renowned research, stellar academics, and committed student body, the University of Pennsylvania has a variety of resources to lend its students. If given the chance to attend, I would bring my devotion to learn to the University of Pennsylvania. I believe that UPenn can help me change the world, one novel at a time.

At times of great stress, I have found much comfort in reading, discussing, and writing literature. Because of this deep love of the written word, I see myself as an editor at a publishing company. I find the idea of discovering a newly written manuscript, devouring its story and deeper meanings with my eyes, delightful. This dedication to literature that I posses is what especially interests me in UPenn.

There are a plethora of academic pathways I could follow in UPenn's College of Arts and Sciences. I could major in English, double major in Psychology or Communication, and minor in Journalistic Writing, Creative Writing, or Comparative Literature. I could assist one of the many notable professors in their leading research and apply for a research grant later in my college career. I could use the knowledge gained in my UPenn classes and summer internships to succeed, giving myself the edge needed to prosper in my future graduate years and, later, the business world.

UPenn's proximity to the vibrant city of Philadelphia brings another layer of possibilities. Not only does Philadelphia provide a culturally enriching college experience, it also gives UPenn students the chance to intern at important organizations, such as "Rare Books and Archives," which I would be particularly interested in.

Chances for students to connect with a diverse group of students and explore alternate interests are surround students. For instance, I would be very interested in getting involved with any one of the Greek Society's nine sororities. Because I would be an English major, I would also try to join Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society. I have always been an avid vocal musician, and I am sure that participating in an a cappella group would become a large part of my extracurricular life at UPenn.

The University of Pennsylvania's numerous Study Abroad options would give me the chance to enrich my college education while also giving back to the world around me. For example, the English department's program in London allows students to study for either a semester or a year at any of three institutions: Goldsmiths, Queen Mary, or King's College London. Having the ability to learn in a foreign country provides students with an exciting and culturally diverse learning environment while also giving students the freedom to share their knowledge with those around them. With UPenn's Study Abroad program, I would try to visit France for a summer. My four years of French language study would allow me a chance to practice the language and study French literature at a more intense level.

The University of Pennsylvania not only gives students an exemplary education, it also gives students the means to give this education to others.

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