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Super Powers Hero - FSU Essay

LimaEm 1 / -  
Oct 15, 2008   #1
"Vires represents strength in its many forms. Whether it is physical, emotional, or intellectual, it is something that can only be acquired over time and through life experiences. As a child, like many before me, I dreamed of being a super hero. I wanted to be the one who showed up when all hope was lost and save the day. It was their strength, both physical and emotional that inspired me to want to make a difference. As the years have gone by and I've grown up and learned that you don't need super powers to be a hero.

Of the three philosophical ideas, the one that has the strongest representation in my life is Artes. Music has been a part of my life since the day I was born. I grew up with music being played all around me all the time. When I was in elementary school, my parents bought me an electric keyboard. I took off from there. I've been a practiced musician for 7 years and I fully understand how important persistence, determination, and practice have been in sculpting my music abilities. These traits have also proven to be essential in academic situations, as well as my pursuit of musical excellence.

Mores is another important aspect of my life because without tradition or character nothing in the world would be worth striving to achieve. In my county honor band, the first chair trumpet has been a member on my high school band since the school was opened five years ago. Since that first year, the current holder if the first chair position has been an inspiration for other players to practice as much as possible and to strive to be the one to take his or her place. This year, as the lead trumpet player at my high school, the determination I have to be the next player from my school to be in the first chair is even stronger because I know my actions will influence those after me exactly as the actions of those before me affected my persistence and determination to achieve excellence."

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