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UPenn required supplement length?

pikezander144 2 / 1  
Dec 25, 2008   #1
The prompt for one of the required University of Pennsylvania supplements:

For Freshman Applicants Only: Describe the courses of study and the unique characteristics of the University of Pennsylvania that most interest you. Why do these interests make you a good math for Penn?

The maximum character count in the given box is 7900, but you are allowed to upload a document (which doesn't have a specified length). My essay is 2,213 characters long--is it too short?
alicimoo 3 / 24  
Dec 25, 2008   #2
Personally, I don't think length matters. As long as you have said all you wanted to, and have answered the question as thoroughly you can, you're fine. Colleges only set a limit so they won't have to read ten thousand essays that are liek 5 pages each.
gmailblows31 6 / 21  
Dec 25, 2008   #3
I would say its a bit short.
I've seen a few and they are generally 4,500 to 6,000 characters long.
It depends on the content of the essay, but that essay is usually there to just pour out what you love about the school.
Mine is 5,700 characters, but im adding a few paragraphs so it should be about 6,900. So ill cut some parts out.
Ivy_91 8 / 18  
Dec 25, 2008   #4
Hey, are you all submitting your supplement essay online?

I'm submitting mine on paper and it says to not exceed one page.

Which one do I follow? :(
mcwingo29 2 / 11  
Dec 25, 2008   #5
I would follow the one page rule. Admissions counselors are generally not going to want to spend the time to read a 2-3 page essay so if you can consolidate all your ideas on one page it will be appreciated.

I think if the essay is a little short it is probably okay as long as you are sure you have addressed all the areas of the prompt and expressed yourself well.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 26, 2008   #6
A little short is okay, but try to get as close to the number they specify as possible. It's a challenge that gives you an opportunity to show how smart you are!

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