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"I wanted to become a wizard, but there is no salary for them" KGSP personal statement

AlexsisGrimm 1 / -  
Aug 25, 2018   #1
I'm really nervous about it, I'm absolutely not sure this is even a little bit good.
Thank you very much in advance.

So here is my essay:

Can I become a wizard?

When I was a child, I wanted to become a vet, a violinist, a private detective, a chocolate factory director, a penguin-lift-man in the North (seriously), an ice cream man, an interpreter. However, at some point, I had wanted to become a writer, and it changed all my life.

My story began 20 years ago when my parents started to teach me how to read. That period of time was absolutely awful for me, I cried a lot, with tears on the eyes said aloud words on syllables, then I learned to read not only proposals but an entire paragraphs and pages. And I have not noticed when I could not fall asleep anymore without another read stories, when in as a gift to on any particular celebration I asked a book when I became spend on reading all my free time. Literature fascinated me from childhood. I liked not only to read, but also to invent my own short stories. So I wanted to write my own book someday.

A journalist is far more interesting than a wizard.

Being in high school and worrying about the unknown future of my own, I discovered the simple word "journalist" - which was just a word for me - and realized that I can combine business with pleasure. So began my self-determination.

My mother never forced me to study, never demanded from me the best results and assessments, but despite this, I always tried to learn well. Got into elementary school, I clearly realized that education is not necessary for my parents, namely me.

Since junior school and up to the graduation my favorite school subjects were country language and literature. I loved to read, I loved to write about what I read even more. Essentially, any works I met with delight and gladness in the eyes unlike most of my classmates. I liked to talk to my teachers, discussing another read book, expressing my point of view. In the 10th grade I had the opportunity to write not only for myself, but also for someone. My school, where I was studying at that time, was a part of the university, which had its own newspaper. And in this newspaper there was a small column devoted to life of our school. And in this column wrote we, school students. So I had my first experience of publishing. This newspaper will appear in my life yet.

In the 10th grade, I also took my first internship in the local city newspaper, during which I learned a lot for myself and started to be even more convinced of my desire to connect my life with journalism.

Magic is different. And journalism?

If earlier the sphere of public relations for me was only a set of words, beautifully built into a text, now the boundaries of this sphere have expanded greatly. I discovered not only journalism but also marketing, SMM, branding, promotion, advertising and much more. I was a kid who looks at a huge candy store and can't choose only one. It turned out that I need to learn still a lot of unknown things.

But despite all this, when it came time to decide on my profession, I entered the university on the "Management" major. Why? I recognized that I want not just to write texts and articles, but I want to create and implement my own projects, I want to promote them, improve and present to the people.

In the second year, I joined the "media technology workshop" (one of the mandatory electives), which organized information support of events taking place in our course. We wrote articles complemented within colorful photos, shot and edited videos, promoted social networks, organized events. While participating in that workshop I gained not only much new knowledge and experience but also confidence that devoting myself to the public relations was the right decision. During that year, my knowledge has expanded. And the next year I became the head of this workshop. Suddenly, I was not just a student who follows his master, but this very master. It was necessary to transfer the knowledge and experience to new participants of a workshop, to organize them, to teach, help, to point to mistakes, to answer all their questions. And it was difficult. But when I was taking heading the workshop, I was struckby how I truly love to talk about journalism sphere, how I enjoy teaching new students, how I fond of making video projects, events, how I love to elicit the appropriate response by articles. Despite everything, I enjoyed it.

In parallel, I took the post of head of the press service of my university. My responsibilities included information support of all our structures: kindergarten - school - university. I became the editor of a corporate newspaper, where just a couple of years ago I only wrote short articles, we published information digests, organized events, engaged in attracting new customers, worked with them, cooperated with partners - it was not only interesting but also very informative. Since I did not have an appropriate education in the field of public relations, I had to learn many things without the help of teachers, something I learned in practice, something on my own failures. When I was set tasks that need to be resolved just me - I learned how to work independently. Communicating with partners, colleagues, as well as with clients, I have improved my communication skills, both written and speaking. All that year I have been working, learning from my own mistakes: memorizing the failed situations and projects, analyzing them, finding out why that scheme of work was ineffective, correcting them so that in the future not to step on the same rake.

Is it true that one country has completely changed my life?

At the beginning of the third year, I got acquainted with Korean culture. My best friend is studying Japanese and is interested in Korea, she is the one who is "guilty" of the birth of my love for this country. When I started studying Korean culture, I realized that it is very different from country. Some small things delighted me, and every day I wanted to learn more and more new things.

Once I watched a Korean drama called Pinocchio. The two main characters got a job in a television company and became journalists. When I looked at how they were looking for material for articles, how they investigate cases, how they spend all their time forgetting to eat and sleep to make the best article - I really wanted to be in their place. It seems that watching this drama has only increased my desire to work in the field of public relations. At the same time, I began to pay attention to how Korean companies carry out promotion, what ways they put the product on the market, what they use in their marketing company and how the public reacts to it.

Unfortunately, at that moment so there were circumstances that I had to leave my university. I was very depressed and overwhelmed, but I had to accept it. It was necessary to move on.

Later I learned about the Korean education system. The most amazing thing for me was the variety of specialties. In Korean universities, you could find something that was not in country. I have read and watched various blogs of people on the Internet who live and study in South Korea and at some point, I realized that my little desire to study there was not just a desire, but became a dream and a goal.

To my mind, it is of key importance to have a possibility to obtain an excellent education and I consider studies at Korea as the next professional stepping stone in my career. If I managed to enter the Korean university for the aspired specialization, the knowledge received during the study I would very much like to use in my work in country. For example, the processes of marketing in country and Korea are very different from each other, but I think that if you combine them - you get a very effective thing. And I really want to apply this in practice, I want to introduce to the country society the culture of Korea, so that they, like me, bring something new, interesting and informative to their lives with its help. I want people to be able to find a new goal, a new dream, as I was lucky to do.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,767 3803  
Aug 26, 2018   #2
Alex, the personal statement for a KGSP scholarship program has a specific set of questions that need to be addressed within no more than 500 words. What you wrote here is a short story with over 1000 words. The reviewer is not going to finish reading this before ditching it. You need to revise this essay to be less of a creative writing exercise and more of a direct to the point interview.

Remember, this is the only qualifying interview you will have for the first round of considerations. If you bore the reviewer with too much fluff, as this essay is prone to do, you will lose your chance. Just respond directly to the supplied prompt questions. You know the word limitations, don't go beyond it. Don't go all the way back to learning the alphabet either. Be in the present moment. Respond in the quickest and more informative manner that you can with reflections of direct mention rather than a novel in the making. That way the reviewer gets to learn what he needs to know about you as soon as possible, without having to wade through so much excessive and irrelevant information in your writing.

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