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The advantages and disadvantages in using bicycles - a popular way of commuting or transportation

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Jun 5, 2018   #1
Some people believe bicycles have a lot of advantages, whereas others believe bicycles have more disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion


Some people may argue that bicycles are useful, while others, believe, that they are useless or unnecessary. In my opinion, bicycles have its pros and cons, the use of it somehow depends on the rider.

One of the advantages of using a bicycle is to help people to have an active and healthy lifestyle. Riding a bike can help you strengthen your endurance and can serve as a cardio exercise. It is also helpful to public especially during traffic jams. Driving a car can be a hassle and might take longer to their destination, while using a bike is easier and faster to go through the traffic.

However, because of the bike's structure, most big cars on the road, like trucks and vans, their drivers usually do not notice the bikes coming their way that might lead to an accident, which is the top disadvantage of using bikes. With this, more and more 2-wheeler accidents are on the news lately. Another disadvantage is the price of the high-end bicycles, the light-weight ones, which are used for racing like triathlon, cost twice or thrice the regular price of the basic bicycle.

In my own perspective, every thing has its own advantages and disadvantages, although I believe that using a bike can help people in numerous ways. Physically, riding a bike can be a form of exercise, from young generations to old people, while mentally, staying in control and keeping balance can help you focus in sports and in life, lastly, financial-wise, compared to owning a car, a bike does not need to be pumped by gas or a total makeover that comes with washing which can be financially draining.

In conclusion, bicycles have been accepted as a public way of commuting or transportation, even though some people are still not convinced of its importance, I believe that bikes are more helpful to society than harmful.

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