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IELTS Writing Task 2: Agree or Disagree of Local Police Officer Recruitment

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Feb 14, 2018   #1
Some observers say that police officers should be recruited from the communities where they work so that this is unnecessary or even undesirable. Where do you stand on this debate? Is local knowledge essential in modern policing?

police officers from the local community

Experts believe that a servant recruited for a police officer should be a homegrown person. I agree with this statement because, in my opinion, local knowledge is important to run this occupation.

Natives should be prioritized to handle police jobs since they understand well about problems in their area. As we know generally, each district has different issues. In some cities, robbery may be the biggest problem, while in the others the issues of murdering could be more popular. In this case, capable people recognizing in depth that problem are local societies because they have been living for a long duration in that place and have much time to observe. In addition, local officers recognizing many residents and places may be easy to gain information as a strong evidence for a case.

Moreover, an indigenous person is qualified to serve a community as they know about the language and custom there. This fact will obviously make people more convenient to socialize with officers. For instance, in South Sulawesi province, Indonesia, many elderly people cannot communicate by using Indonesian. However, they can console using their mother language which is able to be understood by officers on condition that they are local residents. Besides, local residents know how to treat community appropriately as every region has its own politeness standards. For example, in some districts, it is not the good manner to offer a document by using the left hand.

To sum up, the local community should be selected as police officers since they have adequate knowledge about the problem and tradition where they are working.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,598 2499  
Feb 15, 2018   #2
Ulfa, you need to understand something important about the opening statement. This is always presented as a paraphrase of the original prompt and as such, you cannot be seen using the same words from the original paragraph with only a small change made to it. Your second sentence is almost an exact copy and paste of the original. In order to appropriately meet the paraphrasing requirements, the presentation should be similar to the following:

There is a growing perception that law enforcement officials should be hired based upon the neighborhood that they come from. While people tend to deliberate regarding this discussion, I believe that this is a good idea. Police who come from their home neighborhoods tend to have local knowledge that prove to be valuable in the performance of their duties. I will discuss some of these reasons in this essay.

As you can see from the example above, I provided a restatement of the prompt based upon my own understanding of the topic provided and the discussion instructions. These sentences prove that I understood the requirements for the essay presentation because I was able to deliver a clear understanding and explanation of the prompt in my own words. The opening statement will prove your English understanding and explanation skills. So you have to make sure to present it in a highly different manner from the original that still retains the original information provided.

Please improve your English vocabulary. You should make sure that the word you are using will correspond to the meaning you want to deliver. You made a mistake when you said "They can console in using their..." because the word console in this instance means, "to alleviate or lessen the grief, sorrow, or disappointment of; give solace or comfort:" Based on the definition of the word, it is obvious that your word choice was wrong. The proper presentation of the word would have been "They can take consolation in using..." Consolation in this instance meaning, "someone or something that consoles". In this case, the use of their native tongue will be the "consolation" that they need.

You have formatting problems with the essay. This must always be 5 paragraphs long. Review the other essays on this site so that you will discover some tricks that can help you keep within the required formatting guidelines for maximum scoring potential.

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